He’s 22 Years-Old, Muscular & Versatile With 8 x 6.5 Inches Uncut…

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this dude. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he’s hotter than half of the porn stars I write about on here, but maybe that depends on your personal taste. All I know is, I opened up the latest batch of Manhunt Now newsletter subjects, and I couldn’t help but notice his cute facial features and outstanding physique.

When I stumbled over to his profile on Manhunt, things only got better and better. He’s packing a healthy 8″ x 6.5″ uncut in his briefs, and if that weren’t enough to catch your attention, he’s got a pair of smooth, round cheeks that are just begging to get fucked. (And, yup, he’s versatile!)

He writes that he just moved from Sydney to Vancouver, so I’m secretly hoping that he has a sexy Australian accent. Seriously, could you imagine him talking dirty to you in an Australian accent, as sweat drips down both of your bodies in the hear of the moment? It would be incredible! And I should state, it’d be just as incredible if he didn’t have the accent, because look at him.

– Dewitt

Check out more of this stunning male specimen below:









Head over here to see more pics, read his profile or send him a message!



17 thoughts on “He’s 22 Years-Old, Muscular & Versatile With 8 x 6.5 Inches Uncut…

  1. People can’t help how they look. The trick is feeling confident with what you have. Where’s your pic so we can harshly judge you? Dick! Gay men are so fucking catty.

  2. I find the Prince hot and he probably have some great rough sex between the sheets. LOL The guy in the picture is attractive and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed. The only negative, he’s too young for me to date or be in a relationship because I’m not a chicken hawk. LOL

  3. I like the Prince’s orgy scene with the dude a couple episodes a go…..hot!

  4. I can assure you that you’re wrong. Don’t speak the “truth” when you have no basis for your “truth”.

  5. His name is “truth police”, so it’s pretty much implied that he believes he’s speaking the “truth”.

    I’ve seen pictures. The measurements are correct, or at least very close to it.

  6. I think he’s handsome, but you can’t really tell with his expressionless stare. His lips look pressed together in each shot. A smile would tell a lot.

  7. Dewitt U R right it depends on everyone personal taste but I am just not feeling all the love !

  8. He’s cute, but you could have saved me some time by telling me that he’s one of those who just basically wanna fuck themselves. “Only interested in muscle men with big dicks.” Which is him. Gay men are so unimaginative. I guess when you are so in love with yourself it doesn’t take a huge leap that you want to just fuck yourself.

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