Here’s One Of The Most Beautiful Men In Canada

It’s true that I don’t know many Canadian men, let alone all of them. But I know male beauty when I see it, and boizone is exquisite. He must be one of the hottest men up north.

Dewitt felt the same way, and included him in his holiday round-up of beautiful faces and bodies from Manhunt. He’s so hot in the face that he gives me that fluttery feeling in my stomach. It’s the feeling I get when I want to accessorize an extremely handsome man’s mug with my jizz. It’s sort of like graffiti tagging but feels way better.

– J. Harvey

Check out more pics of boizone below:







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12 thoughts on “Here’s One Of The Most Beautiful Men In Canada

  1. Really? There’s 30 look-a-likes in my apartment complex alone. Look’s like every other white person

  2. wow, you guys are harsh. I think if he passed me on the street, I’d be like Susan Sarandon in “Bull Durham”: “oh my” He’s a fine looking man.

  3. I think if he passed ME on the street, I’d be like…continuing on my way without giving him even a second glance. He’s uninteresting and average.

  4. He’s not ugly, but he’s also not breath taking either. He’s a nice looking guy that wouldn’t necessarily catch my attention, but I wouldn’t turn down if he hit on me. My only real criticism is that someone needs to teach him how to smile, because sour puss, indifference, face is not cute on anyone.

  5. He’s cute … you twits need to quit being so superficial … as long as he has a good heart and a good head on his shoulders and the right attitude … he can make one hell of a man for anyone.

  6. He is certainly not UGLY by any stretch of the imagination and certainly not canada most BEAUTIFULEST by any stretch of the imagination !!!

  7. Sexy Canadian men are everywhere ..check out lead singer Jacob from the band Hedley ..he likes to get nude a lot ..espec in his latest music video ….

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