HELP! I Bottomed For My Dad’s Friend & Now I Think I Am Gay.

You guys are cool, right? I already told you about the time I got tea-bagged during my frat initiation and my homosexual encounter after smoking the marijuana plant, so I feel like I can trust you with the deepest and darkest secret in my arsenal. Okay, so here goes… I’ve never told anyone about this, but if I don’t get this off my chest soon, then I’m just gonna go ape-shit crazy and punch some random stranger in the face. Okay, are you ready? I think I’m ready, too.

I had sex with my dad’s friend to get into my fraternity.

Please, don’t judge me! I had to do what I had to do! You need a recommendation to get into my fraternity, and it’s against the rules for my dad to write mine. He was cool enough to link me up with his old bro, but I royally screwed the pooch when I showed up to our meeting in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He accused me of not taking the process seriously! Can you believe that? Nobody takes beer pong and pounding pussy more seriously than me.

Brad Kalvo fucks Johnny Rapid in The Legacy by gay porn site Big Dicks At School

That was the point where he told me to take off my clothes, so I could change into something more appropriate. It didn’t seem like the weirdest request, especially considering everything I’d been through with pledging. I figured it was just a prank or something. He was probably just gonna steal my clothes, make me do a few shots and run naked around his neighborhood.

But it turns out, he had other plans for me. He walked back into the room with a look in his eyes. I knew that look. It was the kind of look I used to give Shelly Jones’ juicy ass back in geometry class. He was staring at me in my underwear like I was a piece of meat. He was staring at me like he wanted to fuck my brains out.

Brad Kalvo fucks Johnny Rapid in The Legacy by gay porn site Big Dicks At School 1

When he pulled down my underwear and started sucking my cock, I thought to myself that, whatever, a mouth is a mouth. If this old pervert wants to swallow my cum and I get into my fraternity, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. There was just one condition—he couldn’t tell my dad, because he’d be devastated if he found out I was doing gay shit with another guy.

“He already knows,” he blurted out in response.

A wave of confusion washed over me, but by the time I could even think another thought, his head was bobbing up and down in my lap again. His lips hugged my shaft tighter than my ex-girlfriend’s coochie. It was fucking incredible! And when he told me to stand up and fuck his throat, it was even better.

Brad Kalvo fucks Johnny Rapid in The Legacy by gay porn site Big Dicks At School.

Then things got a little weird? He told me to face the window and get on all fours. I could feel a wet finger nudging against my asshole, and while my first reaction was to get up and leave, I couldn’t come this far and not get into the fraternity. I had to man up, take a deep breath and let this horny motherfucker stick a finger up my ass.

Little did I know, it actually felt pretty good, in a different way that I wasn’t used to. My dick was hard as a rock, and I wasn’t even weirded out when he suggested we move from the couch to his bedroom. I knew what was coming next. I was prepared to fuck his cock. I was prepared to give up my ass. It was all for the fraternity and nothing more.

Brad Kalvo fucks Johnny Rapid in The Legacy by gay porn site Big Dicks At School.

The strangest thing was that I kind of liked sucking this old guy’s dick. I kind of liked the way he put me on all fours and slammed me from behind. I kind of liked the way he drove deep into me on my back. And judging from the load I blew all over myself, I more than kind of liked riding his cock until I exploded. I’m sorry, but it just felt really good. I’m not even going to front.

I’ve read on the internet that a guy can enjoy anal sex without being gay, and I’ve watched videos where guys get dominated by chicks with strap-ons. Even though I’m 100% sure that I’m not gay in the least bit – because, like, I’m not into any of that gay shit gays like – there was something hot about my dad’s friend’s manly presence, his hairy chest and the way he just took control of things.

That’s not a gay thing to say, right? Because I’m totally not gay.

Confused College Boy

Photo credit: MEN.COM

Watch a video clip that mirrors my experience below:

Apparently, you can see more at MEN.COM, a site I’ve never visited ’cause I’m not gay.



23 thoughts on “HELP! I Bottomed For My Dad’s Friend & Now I Think I Am Gay.

  1. So tired of Johnny Rapid. He can’t act and he has made 1000 movies. What does he have hanging over’s head that they keep putting him in theses films? It’s time to retire.

  2. Who writes this shit? Good lord. Can’t we just have videos with hot guys fucking (not these guys, but just in general). Why do we need these horrible stories? Porn stars are not actors, stop trying to make that happen.

  3. Hot! I really didn’t like johnny boy at first. It was just something about him and I also use to see him in way too many gang bangs. But lately he’s been giving me raging boners.

  4. Yeah, since he’s been active with I never really paid that much attention to him until now. It must be the scene. Big burly hairy man vs lean smooth horny boy.

  5. It’s rather horrifying that he was forced to touch that hairy monstrosity for money. I’m not sure I could bring myself to do it no matter how much they were paying me. Still, I guess if consider yourself ‘straight’ (chuckle) it doesn’t matter what kind of guy you have sex with, as you’re equally unattracted to any of them.

    Nicely written story though. You should do this professionally.

  6. Right on. I know a guy who prefers porn with a plot line. Won’t watch it without. Duh! I watch porn to get off when alone and to see some good suck, rim and fuck action.

  7. I agree about Johnny. He isn’t very cute and not appealing at all. And they seem to put him in about every video.

  8. It’s an advertisement. They are paid to publish these boring ads disguised as posts, but as you see, they don’t do the disguising very well…

  9. I’m all for whatever fantasy gets you off, but must we perpetuate the idea that being gay is a choice, that gay men are predators and they’ll turn you if they get your hands on you? There are tax-paying, voting, Jesus-loving people who think that’s what happens.

  10. It frustrates me that Brad Kalvo is so hot but not a single scene I’ve ever seen him in has been remotely hot because he’s such a boring performer. :-/

  11. I can only imagine how worn out his poor ass hole is going to be by the time he gets to retirement age…………he gets it pounded more than an unlicensed dog!!! He a cutie for sure though

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