He Was A Sailor Boy


I may need to check my watch a second time, but I'm pretty sure it's time for some pretty boys. Photographer Joseph Bleu did a new shoot for Hommestar entitled "Sailor Boys", and there's no denying that these are some pretty-ass boys. While I wouldn't say that models Luke Lysdahi and Erik Thai are my type in the sexual sense, I could sit and stare at them all day. 

Then again, I guess photo-shoots like this aren't intended to induce boners. They're just supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, right? Either way, boner or no boner, we hope you enjoy looking at these pics!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Joseph Bleu

For more photos from this set, follow the JUMP:








11 thoughts on “He Was A Sailor Boy

  1. of course you typical overweight lameass homos that sit at home and comment because you have nothing better to do in your pathetic existance, when you clearly have no insight whatsoever for classic fashion and the fine male form.
    loved the shoot, very avante-garde. Good looking guys too.

  2. The only thing classier than a guy with insight into “classic fashion and the fine male form,” is a guy who uses name-calling like “overweight lameass homos” in order to denigrate others as “pathetic.” That is SO classy and hot! [Accidentally mis-posted to the previous entry.]

  3. I’d have to be stranded on a desert island with one of these “quys” for weeks before I could work up an “interest” for any of them.
    No thanks, not my type.

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