He Likes A Gentleman On The Streets & A Freak In The Sheets.

There’s a reason that phrase is a cliché. Most of us would love to be swept off the feet by a Prince Charming type, only to discover he’s both a beauty and a beast behind closed doors. It’s the ultimate gay fairy tale, and Manhunt member CestSiBon has no shame telling you that’s what he’s looking for. Beyond that, he also has some interesting things to say about the negative nature of gay dating profiles and, well, the unfortunate language some “negative” people use:

“Generally looking for folks who can think outside of the box, especially this one. I don’t have a lot of discriminatory statements about who does and does not qualify outside of: age is generally not a qualifier, if you use ‘clean’ to describe you or someone else as being HIV-negative, we are not a match.”

Generally, people aren’t so willing to step up on a soap-box and fight HIV stigma in the middle of their Manhunt profiles, so we applaud CestSiBon for taking the opportunity to make a statement (even if he was just being honest, rather than trying to make a statement). We’re going to go out on a limb and say that he’s probably a keeper. Though he also wouldn’t be the worst option for a one-time fling, if he’s into that sort of thing.

– Dewitt

See even more of this San Francisco beauty below:





Head over here to skim through his profile, find out what he’s into or send him a message.



16 thoughts on “He Likes A Gentleman On The Streets & A Freak In The Sheets.

  1. I use to keep the Manhunt profile to chat with guys… read interesting and funny bits on this.. but seeing that everything else seems to be neglected.. (celebrity and caption this for examples) and I see… “oh look this guy is hot .. check out his profile”… Well thanks. If I wanted to see his profile I’d go through profiles. Manhunt Daily has dwindled in the quality it once was. Congrats to whoever this guy is for whatever redeeming qualities he has for his genetics… but mehhh I want more… and I don’t mean profiles on Manhunt.

  2. Couldn’t agree more…pull a profile from the thousands, write a couple pithy paragraphs and post it as MH Daily filler…

    Its the equivalent of only picking the low hanging fruit and its boring.

  3. My god, some of the hateful, shameful things that gay men put in their profiles just amazes me, you would think we would be a bit more tolerant..NOT SO. And I am not talking about the ever so popular “no blacks, no asians.” But “if you are not hot or considered hot by others do not contact me, you will be blocked.” I actually read that once. Of course I checked out his profile and he was not all that at all! funny too damn funny.

  4. It seems like this guy is just full of things to say, but is holding back. The “clean” comment slipped through and has no place on a profile of someone who is listed as negative. I just get the sense that this guy would bitch about everything constantly, and be very vocally judgey about every single word everyone spoke.

  5. I took his comment as meaning he was in defense of people who were HIV-positive, because if you describe yourself as “clean” when saying you are HIV free, what do you describe someone who has HIV? Dirty? Unclean? Either way, they’re not nice words to use.

    I guess if you mean he would stand up for things and has principles by saying he “would bitch about everything constantly,” then I guess you two aren’t a match.

  6. Probably not a match. I’ve actually never heard anyone refer to HIV+ status as clean or unclean. I’ve heard it used other ways, as in drug-free or clean living. But of all the things he could have written, It was an unsolicited and strange thing for him to include in his profile. I perceived it as a little “sick-n-tired” attitude slipping through that looked a little ugly.

  7. CLEAN is used constantly as an attribute the narrow minded use in their profiles to describe the HIV – vs HIV + divide. I think that many of us may not make the connection, however, once aware of it, it becomes frightening how often it is used. He gained immediate points in my book because he recognizes the hurt caused by such comments even though he is negative, which means he has empathy…something greatly lacking amonst many in our community.

  8. Gotcha. It is a shitty way to put it. Still, it’s not something necessary to put in a profile if you’re not HIV pos. Peppering your profile with negativity isn’t good.

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