Have You Ever: Used A Vibrating Sex Toy?

Ah, vibrators! There’s nothing better than the gentle buzz of a phallic object that’s shaking your prostate with a fury. Until a few months ago, I had never been in a sling or used a vibrator. This all changed thanks to a delightful (and not to mention totally hot) couple, who enabled me to cover both bases at the same time.

You see, I had worked the one guy’s hole until he couldn’t take it anymore, and my mind was toying with the idea of taking his boyfriend’s humongous cock. As soon as they mentioned this to them, they gave me a look like, “Are you seriously considering taking a dick that’s nine by seven inches?” This brought me back to reality, as I realized that I’d like to be able to walk after our encounter.

And then it happened. The bottom boy whipped out a vibrator. This wasn’t just any vibrator. This was a vibrator with a remote control. He warned me that it was a little “invasive”, but I threw my legs up in the sling, lubed up my hole and took a deep breath as I prepared to take this crazy toy.

Holy crap! By the time he slid that thing in all the way, I was in absolute heaven. This wasn’t a sensation I had ever experienced before, mostly because real penises don’t naturally vibrate. It didn’t take long for me to get excited with all this overstimulation. There I was–taking a vibrator after hours of fucking, stroking a humongous dick and having some hot little fucker talk dirty to me.

When I came, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever experienced. My body convulsed as I shot an unbelievable puddle onto my torso. Some of it even went over my shoulder and hit the sexy-ass man standing next to me! After that, I pretty much just collapses in the sling and muttered nonsense syllables for a few minutes. I was completely drained in the best way possible.

But there I go again boring you with my sexcapades! We’d love to hear some of your stories about using vibrators or other vibrating types of sex toys. Whether you did it alone or with a partner, leave a comment and tell us what it felt like!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: You Love Jack

To see this hottie with a vibrator, follow the JUMP:

12 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Used A Vibrating Sex Toy?

  1. They are amazing! I will endorse them anytime! Some of the best cum shots have been with using a vibrator.

  2. I have the exact same one in these pictures.. and I hate it.. its cold, metallic, impersonal and does nothing for me. Its not even thick enough, compared to my bf..
    I guess its coz I chose a bad one.. If it was like a fleshy dildo with a vibrator function, maybe i’d have liked it?

  3. yeh, I never had it, but now wish to have it the soonest. Before I had used my finger as a manipulator, but never thought of this heavenly feelings. Thanks to share it.

  4. Hell, I have inserted a remote control bullet. I just kept the remote within reach or gave it to someone to “play with.” After about an hour of having them turn it on and off and adjust the speeds, I told them what they were controlling. I ejaculated at least 5 times… You should try it sometime.

  5. Wow, Dewitt, thought your most intense orgasm was with your new found love, or that is what you said in blog. Guess he must be gone now, sorry to hear that as you are telling us about a threesome with a couple.

  6. i hope not tom, it was such a nice love story.
    hope dewitt and his man can work things out.
    maybe things got a bit difficult, dewitt was falling in love and then he was scared to let his heart go.
    dewitt sounds like a slut, but maybe he is just a very sensitive guy, thats scared to fall in love.
    i really hope dewitt and the man can make it work, i was hoping to see the wedding pictures, and the cute surrogate babies.

  7. mmmm love hung bottoms – that boy is perfect – that thick uncut piece would totally put me in the mood to pound on that fuzzy hole

  8. I hope not too Tom, was such a nice story he share. Unless of course it was just that, a story for us to read.
    Dewitt did sound in love and all I was happy for him now i think there must be problems if he’s doing 3ways.

  9. I’m trying not to share too much about the BF on MH Daily, but just wanted to respond to your comments (and incredible support) by saying that we’re still together. This story was from several months ago. However, the BF and I have agreed not to focus solely on monogamy, as we both believe that our relationship should be more about a personal connection than traditional ideas of sex. You can call this an “open relationship”, if you will…

  10. Ah, so there is a chance for many of us still! Now which of the two of you to pick. 😛
    Well if dont want to share much in type here we are all open to see the videos!
    Can I just pick 2 and win?
    Good to hear that the two of you are together!!

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