Have You Ever: Used a Sling?

You just arrived at your new trick's pad and things heat up as soon as the door closes. He presses you against the door, kisses you and pins your wrists above your head. After a lot of groping and licking, you move on to some oral fun. You can hardly get your pants off your ankles before he's deep-throating you voraciously. After a while, the two of you decide to take it to the next level. You follow him down the hallway and when he opens the door, you expect to see his bedroom.
But instead, you see his "playroom"–complete with a sling. Does it excite you or does it kill the whole mood for you? Have you ever done this previously? We'd love to hear your experiences with slings!
We're not going to lie. This post was inspired by watching some demo videos in FORT TROFF's sling section. Have you seen the huge dildos those boys take? It's crazy stuff!
– Dewitt

20 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Used a Sling?

  1. OMG I love a sling. One because its adjustable, you can fuck at cock level :). And two its comfortable. Even for those not into leather. It makes sex a world of difference for hours of fucking. 🙂 Even if it seems a little outta the box. I definately recommend everyone to try out a sling.

  2. Slings are wonderful….especially if you are a top with back problems because it is adjustable. It is also comfortable for the bottom. Everyone should try a sling just once. I was reluctant at first but not anymore.

  3. I think i lack sleep, my first thought was little things for killing bunnies *Erk*. Anywho don’t know, never tried one, but I’d probably be up for it. At least once, anyway.

  4. I’ve used it before.
    Makes fucking a lot easier.
    Not really my thing though, but if it’s around, why not right…

  5. Sling? Okay, I’m up for it. But as soon as he starts pulling out giant dildoes or the can of crisco, I’m done. I’m perfectly happy with a normal-sized dick up my pooter – you can keep your fists to yourselves!

  6. Makes for scorchingly hot sweaty sex. Bedroom? eh…dungeon/playplace = YES. Best romp I ever had was a FB that had me over on a Sun afternoon. Blindfolded, and he had secretly invited 3 very hung top friends over to have fun with me…they left and I never saw or met them, just “felt” them but they did measure up. My FB friend knew that was a fantasy of mine so he made it happen. As always, trust is key.

  7. OMG I love a sling!! Only been lucky enough a few times with the right guy, but I fantasize about it so often!!

  8. Hell, I’ve never used one but wouldn’t mind fuckin a nice bottom in one… hell the idea is great.

  9. i’d be cool with it as long as he was aware that i would be the one in control of things, and that i get to decide which of his toys get used on me.

  10. generally when in a sling, it becomes totally about the cock and the ass. You lose a lot of the body contact that makes sex enjoyable for me. I need kissing, necking, to feel the other guys’ body against mine. Sex becomes way too impersonal with a sling, at least in my opinion.

  11. i as a bottom, only really enjoy positions like me riding the top… the occasional missionary position is useful, but the perks of missionary are removed when slinged, meanwhile, doggy does me no good.
    slings in general are a waste of time for me, i’d rather use a bed.

  12. a bit disappointing to see that some of the seancody models are also models for that fort troff site …. kinda kills the “average guy” illusion they try to paint

  13. My partner and I had an opportunity to play in a sling a few months ago and were so enamoured of it that we came home and ordered our own. We had it professionally installed (gay builders RULE) and have been taking turns ever since.
    My favorite is that I can put him in the sling, at the right height, and have a seat on the floor and spend hours munching his fuzzy little butt. Just a flick of my chin and he’s bouncing on my tongue. It’s allowed both of us to just focus on the pleasuring of one another rather than balance and position, and whose knees or arms are getting tired.

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