Have You Ever: Sucked Dick Underwater?

As the snow melts and the weather becomes warmer, I’ve been thinking a lot about pool sex. Shocking that this is the first thing that enters my mind, right? When it comes to the particulars, I’ve been wondering why I’ve never given someone a blowjob underwater. I mean, hello! I was on the fucking swim team for a large portion of my life. You’d think someone would have let me slip down their speedo and slurp on their dick.

While the idea doesn’t really appeal to me in terms of sexiness, I’ve felt this strong desire to check it off of my bucket list. Even if I have to risk gagging and getting water up my nose. Does anyone who’s ever done this have any tips or stories they’d like to share? More importantly, does anyone with a pool want to invite me over and dunk my head underwater? It’s always worth asking…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bel Ami Online

To check out Colin Hewitt and Jean-Daniel Chagall in action, follow the JUMP:

20 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Sucked Dick Underwater?

  1. Love how their hair goes from totally wet to perfectly quaffed halfway through their sex scene.

  2. Dewitt – in the name of science, or more importantly your bucketlist. I will offer up my pool/jacuzzi. Let me know when, so I can start the heater!

  3. HOT! HOT! HOT! — not only is an underwater blow job on my fucket list — but also an underwater fuck

  4. Haven’t been sucked under water, but I did fuck in a pool once. So hot. In the hills of Bel Air overlooking LA, 1 am, no lights on, sitting in the pool fucking. Good times…

  5. Yes, the sucking/being sucked underwater is good but I agree with others that fucking underwater is GREAT! The slipping and sliding and pseudo-weightlessness makes it great. Back in college I remember, my virginal experience with a girl while I was trying to be straight, was in our pool at our apartments after midnight and the lights were on. Don’t know who saw us but it was great. Now that I’ve done this with the right genitalia, so to speak, it’s even more fun.

  6. estas espectacular tus videos muy buenos. Osvaldo resistencia Chaco Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yes, been there done that… next on the Fucket List?

    First time was as a teenager, in a small boat on a lake, with the risk of being caught. He was a tall guy, dark hair, with thick bush/cock. Sort of hard to do (pardon the pun), had trouble keeping water out of my mouth.

    Love “water sex”- pool, jaccuzzi, tub, shower- but not into “watersports”. LOL

  8. Oh, I absolutely LOVE sucking cock underwater! You have to be careful not to inhale at all — when I was learning, I found the the best thing to do was to keep a very slow, steady exhalation going (or as steady as possible while his cock is plunging in and out of your throat) so that there was no possibility of water going in the nose or lungs. When I was in my late teens, I used to know this older guy who had his own pool and who loved to back me up against the pool wall underwater and fuck my throat. We’d play to see how long I could stay down before having to come up for a breath.

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