Have You Ever: Made A Sex Tape With Your Boyfriend?

While I’ve made my fair share of naughty videos, I would never make a sex tape with my boyfriend. Appearing naked on camera together is the kiss of death, kind of like those couples who break up immediately after getting voted “Cutest Pair” in the yearbook.

Case in point? Trent Locke and Steven Daigle‘s video for Cocksure Men. Shortly after fucking one another so hard that they broke the headboard, these two engaged in a violent bar fight. Sure, broadcasting their sexual exploits didn’t necessarily have anything to do with their quarrel, but it still makes you wonder…

For a less extreme example, let’s talk about Michael Jackson‘s 1995 single “You Are Not Alone”. How do you think Lisa Marie Presley felt after appearing half-naked in the song’s music video? Though she may have been married and desperately in love at the time, you can sure as hell bet she regretted it after the divorce.

This leads me to ask–have you ever made a sex tape with your boyfriend? Do you have any regrets about it? And if you’ve never done such a thing, would you ever consider it? Think about these questions, while you enjoy these pictures of Austin and Tyler. These two hipster lovebirds are totally enamored with one another… for now?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Boy Video

To check out Austin and Tyler in action, follow the JUMP:

If the above video doesn’t work, head over here for a free preview.

15 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Made A Sex Tape With Your Boyfriend?

  1. No, I’ve never made a sex tape with a boyfriend, and I probably never would. Not for any superstitious reasons as you listed, just because the thought doesn’t really appeal to me…go figure. Coincidentally though, I’m pretty sure this guy I use to get toggether with a while back recorded me, but I didn’t realize so until after the fact. I kind of hope that video never surfaces incase I ever get famous (lmao), yet at the same time hop to see it on Xtube, ahaha!

  2. My boyfriend and I have made several and we don’t regret it at all. They’re wicked hot and I jack off to them all the time when he can’t fuck me like he does in the videos. 😉

  3. I’m a cameraman and my boyfriend is a sound engineer, so we have great fun borrowing industry standard equipment from work.

  4. While I have never shot a video of any “boyfriends”, I did make a video once while I was stationed in Japan…I met this incredibly HOT man in Kyoto…we went on a weekend “retreat” to Osaka…that night I did make a video of him and me having sex…while I do not enjoy watching myself, I love being able to “recapture” that moment with him…woof indeed…

  5. Not yet.. waiting for someone who REALLY knows what they’re doing so it can be a good show!

    However, in this case… the silly bandz are a major boner-kill.. really?

  6. nope, never intentionally made a tape or been in one; could have been taped in secret by a few different guys who had their laptop open or computer on, perhaps with the cam running? will never know unless it appears someplace like pornotube, or on some sex site….LOL

  7. Have never been filmed, nor has my lover. We’d like to do it but just never had the equipment. It would be very hot!

  8. One of my ex-bf was obsessed about filming while we’re having sex. He had a library with all the videos or clips. Some of them ended up on the web too.

  9. Never did one with a bf but did make one with a couple I had lots 3somes with. They were both hung too ;).

  10. No movies. But I’ve photographed Jeff nekkid all the time. We call him PC around the studio. Prop cock. Sometimes a photographer just needs the right background prop for the model he’s shooting… 🙂

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