Have You Ever: Jerked Off On Camera?

This is Cliff from Broke Straight Boys‘ first time snapping the carrot for the camera. Hey, sometimes you need some quick cash and you’ve got a minimum of shame. That’s ONE of the reasons guys would be interfering with themselves and have it recorded for posterity.

The other is to gratify someone else or themselves. True story – I have never, ever been VIDEO-ED jackin’ the beanstalk. But there ARE a couple of PHOTOGRAPHS on my partner’s laptop of me boppin’ the bologna. (I’m trying to work as many slang terms for masturbation as I can into this post. I find my fun where I can.)

I think we were foolin’ around, and my partner had his phone and asked if it was ok. In the heat of the moment, I guess it was “sure, why not?” We had only been dating for a couple of months at that point, SO WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING? J. Harvey is not an exhibitionist, and what if he ended up being a psycho? That’s the one thing you ALWAYS have to remember about letting someone taping you doing anything lascivious. That thing is forever if you let it out of your sight.

But there are plenty of guys who have no problems with roughing up their suspect for all to see. You’ve seen XTube, right? LOTS of dudes are utilizing their webcams to show off their skills. Have you ever whacked it on video? Why? How did it turn out? And can you send me a copy?

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Broke Straight Boys

For more pics of Cliff fisting his (very large) mister, Follow the JUMP:

30 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Jerked Off On Camera?

  1. WOW! nice cock… THe thing I can not figure out is the amount of guys who jerk off in the steam room or walk around the locker room at the gym showing off their body or huge dick but wont let an other guy blow them… Then again I am amazed at the amount of straight guys who have bottomed for me… go figure

  2. We all have at one time or another.  I recall spending way too many late night hours jacking on Netmeeting. Anyone remember that fossil?  Yahoo still has video on their chatrooms too.

  3. Yup, did a scene for Sean Cody a decade ago when you could still make good money at it.  $900 for an hour of jerking off.  Not bad.

  4. I love to jack off on using the MH video function. The more people watching the better. Truth be told I am very shy but on cam all that goes away. I would die if someone i knew was watching!

  5. I’ve jerked off on video and even fooled around too. I posted some on xtube.com. Check’em out: Americannibus522 is my SN there.

    It’s fun. It’s crazy. I recommend it.

  6. I did it, a million years ago, back in 1997-98 with this thing called C U See Me, or something like that, while in graduate school, at our media research lab lol

    truth to be told, I was just there trying to chat with people around the world and this supposedly straight guy from Spain started chatting with me, and before I knew he showed me his cock, I showed him mine, and we went to town….. it was totally hot, I still remember his striped shirt……

    never did that again, though I did get naked in front of the camera a few times… this of course was back when hard drives could barely handle showing stuff, never mind recording it…..

  7. Back in the 80s on VHS, which I sent to a friend who lived far away.  He liked it so much he returned the favor.  The camera was running when we hooked up a few years later…

  8. Hmmm. hes got something very cute about him. would like to take him out on a good date 🙂

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