Have You Ever: Fallen Asleep During A Hook-Up?

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Nothing is more embarrassing than passing out in the middle of sex. Whether you're drunk or completely exhausted, your partner still won't be any less offended that his bedroom skills couldn't keep you awake. I'm sure a lot of us have stories to share about being on either end of this scenario!

Truthfully, this has happened to me on more than one occasion, and you can bet your ass that I never saw those guys after falling asleep on them. One of the times, I was so horny that I stayed up until 3AM searching for a guy on Manhunt. He didn't get to my place until nearly four in the morning, so I wound up passing out while he was blowing me. Ouch! I woke up feeling like a total idiot in the morning.

Don't be scared to share your shameful tales! If you've ever fallen asleep on a sexual partner, we'd love to hear all about it. Did you apologize afterwards or pretend that it never happened? And on the flip side, have you ever had anyone fall asleep on you?

– Dewitt

24 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Fallen Asleep During A Hook-Up?

  1. Never happened with me..never fell asleep on anyone nor has anyone ever done that with me…I did however hookup with someone who was so drunk that when he got outta bed to go to the bathroom, he stumbled then fell into the wall of his bedroom after that he fell to the floor and threw up…needless to say the next morning there was no good bye kiss.

  2. Nope, never fallen asleep, and never had a guy fall asleep or pass out. But, I do have to admit, once I was so drunk I puked during sex. Pretty embarrassing. But, we DID see each other again.

  3. Yeah, it happened to me – in my MUCH younger days. Actually he and I BOTH passed out asleep right after – while he was still inside. I woke up with him on my back and a strange feeling in my ass

  4. i have fallen asleep a couple of times but normally when drunk. and i have apologised once and ignored the other time. and i saw both of them again but left them a couple of weeks later as i realised it just wasnt the drink tht was sending me asleep lol.

  5. Guilty. I had just blown him and we were making out some and I laid my head on his shoulder for ONE second and the next thing I knew he was shaking me asking me what was wrong. After I told him I had been up for like 26 hours straight and he was my second hook-up of the night, he forgave me. He came back later that night after I had a chance to get some rest.

  6. Fell asleep on my ex-bf’s PELNTY of times. He always caught me on test weeks + was never really able to “light my fire”. So when it came to sex, I either needed to be on redbull or be highly stimulated. And if the lights were off, game over… lol!

  7. I was playing with this long-time fuckbuddy of mine and zonked out within seconds of coming inside of him. He let me sleep on top of him for a few minutes, but by the time I started to snore, he was over it. Not my finest performance.

  8. yup…did it in my youth…even worse I woke up with my head in a bowl of grapes we had been eating…I did however see him again

  9. Yes I have crashed on a guy during sex. Now in my defense he was a virgin, and a top, and had no idea what he was doing. I tried 3 different kinds of music he couldn’t keep a rhythm, he kept sliding out, and while he was very cute he had no personality. Eventually I just gave up and went face down, ass up and crashed. The last time I will let a virgin inside my ass.

  10. I had my partner fall asleep on me while I was riding him. I noticed he was still hard after he fell asleep so I kept it up until I finished then cleaned both of us up and went to sleep. He totally forgot what happened the night before until I told him the story the next morning. It was hilarious

  11. Years ago,I went to a DC club,a guy picked me up,he was a bit buzzed.We got in bed,he kept asking to top me(I never bottom).I had had a few and relented.He got into my ass,not easily,I might add.He fucked for a minute or two,then passed out on me….I went to wash up,met his apartment mate,fucked him twice,told him it was great,he said he’d let the dickhead know what he missed,kissed me g’nite,then went to bed.

  12. I had a guy fall asleep while he was topping me before. I couldn’t get him to wake up so I took bus money from his wallet and left.

  13. i never fell asleep during or after sex with other men,,,however, a few times i guess i wore out the bottom dudes, cuz after an hour or so of fucking, or after 4-5 hours of total sex fun together, they fell asleep…. can sometimes outlast my fuckbuds, not sure if it is a curse or a blessing???

  14. i can’t say that i’ve ever had that happen to me, either way.
    of course, if someone ever does snooze on me, then i will take into consideration what might have lead to its happening; as for me, i will always be in enough control to inform someone that i need to wrap it up.
    then again..
    ..i can’t really foresee me having to do so.

  15. I haver never ( nor has anyone ever ) falling a sleep on me . Although I oncrs fell a sleep with my dick firmly up this gorgeous guys ass .. BTW when we woke up my dick was still N his TIGHT ASS !!!

  16. Absolutely.
    With the same guy.
    But it wasn’t because of drugs or drink or lack of sleep.
    It was the best sex I had ever had.
    Adrian moved me more than any man, before or since.
    I may never be loved like that again. . .

  17. It’s not always a BAD thing. Sleeping with a guy, cuddled up with someone you enjoy, that can be so great.

  18. So, I’ve had a thing for my best friend for years now. This weekend we got really trashed in my apartment and one thing led to another. We had sex (or at least tried to) for the first time. I passed out (because it honestly wasn’t that great aside from the fact that I was piss drunk!)
    When I woke up the next morning, we fucked again, but he was still pretty drunk and could barely stay hard. We’re still talking now but I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again.
    It sucks because I’ve waited for it for so long, and now that it was terrible I don’t think he’ll want to try again! What do I do??

  19. Yes, it happened to me once. I met a gorgeous guy in a bar and went home with him. Although he didn’t seem to be drunk, apparently he had had a drink or two too many. Things went along quite nicely at first, but after a while, I realized that, despite my (usually appreciated) bedroom skills, he had fallen asleep. To say the least, I was disappointed by this, but before I left, I managed to deposit on his beautiful slumbering body a reminder that he had invited me home that night.

  20. YES!! and it wasnt my GOD DAMN FAULT!! he called me at 2 AM and has me come outside while everyone else in the house is asleep, he picks me up and brings me over his friends house, then after we get there, we start rolling around and having fun on the living room floor while his budding comes out of the bedroom every once and a while to watch. i end up busting 2 or 3 loads, and then he finally just sits on my face and jacks off for like 30 mins trying to blow a load. i think i fell asleep in the middle of it. When we finally left he still hadnt cum but the sun was already rising.

  21. Not only have I fallen asleep during a hook up but did it while rock hard. there was almost an hour of vid showing a seriously horned boy bouncing on my cock even after I started to snore

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