Have You Ever: Done It In A Dark Alley?

Every night when I’m walking home from work, I pass by this alleyway near one of the local restaurants. It’s been calling my name for ages now. “Dewitt,” it says, in a deep voice that makes my hole quiver. “Come bend over my lush brick walls and get plowed vigorously by a total stranger.”

Despite the fact that I’ve dreamt about it so often, I don’t think I’d ever follow through on this fantasy. Okay, so maybe I’d consider a little making out or an OTPHJ, but as soon as someone whips out his dick… Well, I’d probably get too paranoid and chicken out. Unless I was drunk. Several shots of whiskey + A dark alley + Butt sex – Getting arrested = My dream date.

But how about you? Have you ever let a guy slip in your love-alley while you’re standing in an alley? Or vice versa? Would you ever consider doing it? On that note, do you have a few shots of whiskey and an alley we can meet at? Just kidding about that last one.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: UK Naked Men

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3,855 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Done It In A Dark Alley?

  1. I am no stranger to dark alleys. In the little beach town I visit every summer there is a network of dark alleys behind the retail businesses. On a Holiday Weekend, you can be hard pressed to find an empty spot cause everyone is doing it in the dark alley.

  2. Hot guys. In my experience wasn’t an alley, but I got a blow job on the back on the house I was living in at the time. There was a sort of separation between houses and it was very narrow. We decided to take it one step up the following week when we met a pub and got drunk and ended up most of the night naked in his bedroom sucking each other off and kissing.

  3. No, but I’ve always had a fantasy about it. I have too long of a criminal record as it is though so I don’t need that bullshit on there too. :/

  4. used to all the time when I was in Hawaii … had a special spot on the beach secluded and dark, also on the Ala Wai canal, could go to a lower level below the wall with these little alcoves … do dark park bathrooms count?  actually did it in the park as well … trying to use a tree as a bit of a cover … those were the days … lol

  5. Once, in London.  But even hotter was the time behind the Memorial Church in the middle of the Christmas markets.

  6. In a small town–the kind with garages on the alley in the back of the houses.  Visiting relatives, I met a cute married guy.  He didn’t want to get a room and we had nowhere else to go so we parked behind the house.  Too hot to fuck in the back of the car, we moved outside and did it up against the car, the garage, and on the grass next to the garden, summer crickets chirping all around us.

  7. once at pride a friend introduced me to this really hot daddy, as we were both standing there chatting, we realized all our mutual friend had left us. We looked for them for a bit but couldnt find them so I turned and said to the daddy “i want you to fuck me” my place wasnt free and he was staying at a friends, so we found a dark alley, behind a dumpster, where he forced me to my knees, gagged me with his cock, then stood me up, bent me over, spat on my hole, and fucked me stupid, I busted all over the wall, and he pulled out and did so as well. i still want his hairy gorgeous bod to this day. soo hot.

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