Have You Ever: Been Turned On By Someone’s Scent?

Have you ever been extremely turned on by another guy’s scent? All I’ve got to say is, “YUP!” Once upon a time, I was standing next to a random stranger in a crowded NYC subway car. We were packed in like sardines, and I was practically shoved with my face in his armpit.

Normally, I wouldn’t consider this a pleasant experience. But this guy was different. Something about the way he smelled drove me absolutely insane! While I gently took in his scent as subtly as possible, I tried to resist the urge to tear his clothes off and screw him in the middle of the train.

Needless to say, he got off at the next stop… and I’ll let you interpret that as you will. Just kidding! He, like, actually got off the train. I’m not that much of a slut, guys!

Out of curiosity, I’d love to hear if any of you have had similar experiences. Whether it occurred in a public place or behind closed doors, I’d love to hear about the men whose scents brought out the animal inside of you!

– Dewitt

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39 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Been Turned On By Someone’s Scent?

  1. I am often attracted to some men’s natural scent (not colognes, etc.). Only once was I stuck as hard as you describe. Up at a (gay) campground in the north Cascades I ran into a wonderfully hot Canadian man with beautiful eyes, hair, skin, but what drove me wild was his smell. It was beyond all description.

    Fortunately it was a two way street and it ended up in the most heated, passionate weekends I have ever encountered! I’d sure like to reconnect with him now and see if those sparks and smells are still there…

  2. Hey…I smell guys all the time..lol..if a good looking guy passes me on the street or a store, I take a deep breath to see what kind of scent they have. Natural is way better then cologne cover up.

  3. Tbe way this guy I dated smelled used to turn me on. He didn’t really smell great, but it wasn’t really bad either. It was more just a distinctive scent that I associated with him.

  4. The first time I ‘really’ noticed it was several years ago, I used to have a business in a resort area doing black henna (temporary) tattoos.

    One spring a bus pulled up in front of my business and a herd of senior high school boys (and girls) got off and a lot of them wanted to do the tattoos.

    The guys kept getting more and more creative of where they wanted them, and soon shirts were coming off of hot young buff bodiesa all over my store. With a couple of them I ended up with my face almost in their armpits, and yes, they were wearing deodorant, but stilll those young hormones over powered some of the deodorants, and it was intoxicating.

    Since then I’ve almost developed a fetish, and no I don’t do children, but it seems that guys under about 35 have more aroma to them and damn if I can get them not to wear deodorant, it is so effing hot, and yes I love to lick their armpits.

    Not to mention some guys have great smelling crotches. Now I’ll admit, there are guys who’s crothes just have a b.o. aroma, but some of them are sexy as hell, and it seems a much higher percentage of black guys have a sexy smell…

    Just my own experiences, but hell yes, pheromones, guys…nature put them there for a reason!!

  5. Yes! Yes I have! I love that armpit smell. I don’t mean b.o. though. But yeah. It’s totally hot.

  6. I’m in the military. One day I was leaving the barracks that this older (35-40) guy walked past me. As soon as he did I caught his scent. It was like speed stick deordorant mixed with sweat and musk, something about it smelled really really REALLY good. Totally turned me on.

  7. I’ve got an extremely sensitive nose. I can detect any kind of smell, even if it’s way too weak.

    It could be a blessing or a curse !! Sometimes I get really foul smells, but sometimes i get cool aromas that stay in my memory.

    My delicate sense of smell has given me great sexual experiences. I guide a lot through smell, and I get turned on very easily by it… I can even identify a guy I’ve been before by it’s smell !!
    It may sounds crazy, but I got the nose of a Hound… lol

    It is said that food tastes even better when you have a good nose…. Imagen a man’s “flavor”…mmmmm

  8. It was my last semester at CSULB before transferring to Chico. I had 3 or 4 different courses with the same guy. Everything about him was perfect, especially his scent. I still don’t know how I got a single good grade that semester — although you can bet I had perfect attendance. Otherwise, all I could do was drink him in with my eyes, and lean forward in my desk so I could smell his neck.

    I discovered years later, it was just Speed Stick. But on him, it’s better than any pricey cologne.

  9. Men do not have an olfactory apparatus that is as well developed as that of women. As a group, men do not respond as strongly to odors and scents.

    That said, my ex had unusually keen olfaction and could identify articles of clothing that I had worn. He often told me how much he liked my scent.

  10. What is the sexiest cologne for a man to wear? There is one scent that seems to be prevalent with gay or bi guys and I’d love to know what it is.

  11. yes! I love the scent of guys. It sounds like a pack of dogs sniffing eachother, but its true. I have a strong sense of smell and attact people to scents. A hot guy with a natural scent is way hotter than a cologne overdosed guy. I always “sniff” a hot guy when they come into my work.

  12. i must have a weak nose.

    that, or, i just don’t know what to smell for.

    i can differentiate Parfúms, “Neutral Skin,” B.O., and regular Musk.

    even to this day, i haven’t ever picked up on any one fellow’s “signature” Natural Scent, that i can remember.
    only Parfûm stand out in my memory.

    “pheromones,” is it?
    (they’re said to be released with sweat, typically.)
    well, if i’m not already visually attracted to someone, it won’t likely matter if i am bombarded by either his pheromones or his sweat.

    otherwise, i don’t think i’m affected; i’m not really impressed by the odour of Sweat..

    ..so, i wish someone would explain this to me.
    what am i supposed to be looking for?

  13. There’s a reason my Manhunt profile says “Be clean but no deodorant or cologne.” 😉

  14. I do erotic bodywork for men and I love it when they show up and haven’t showed since the morning. I work with mostly white color guys and so they aren’t dirty but just smell like a man. Smelling the natural smell under the balls is almost intoxicating for me. I used to have a fuckbuddy that always seemed to have the cleanest (almost fresh smelling) underarms and something about the hair there and the clean smell mixed with his own bodys smell drove me insane and usually resulted in his ass getting P O U N D E D from it. Win-win!

  15. hell yeah, next time your face is in a mans crotch and before you swallow him, smell his balls,his bush (if he’s got one)I mean really bury your nose , especially hot for me after a good workout at the gym , the sweattier the better, woof.

  16. Mate of mine used to stay over, i had a major crush on him, and he knew it but unfortunatly, he wasnt interested. Every time he would leave to go home i’d wash the sheets, but there was the most amazing Natural smell to his sheets, would absolutly blow my mind…

    He has since become a regular “Friend” to myself and my Hubby….. He’s all sorts of interested now. lol

    Shame he’s engaged.

  17. My sense of smell is off the charts. I can smell someone around the corner. (It happens in the gym locker room all the time) I’ll know their age, racial background and hair colour before I see them. I get it right every SINGLE time.

    When I was younger, I had sex with all ages and races. I tried them all.

    But as I have gotten older, my sense of smell has totally taken over and as a result, I can only have sex with people of a certain background and in a certain age bracket. I’ve tried to meet guys I think are hot body-wise but if they are outside that category, I actually think they stink and I cannot do the act. This is despite thinking they look really hot and being into them in every other way.

    It’s great when sexy smells turn me on. But I have turned down too many really hot guys because I can’t deal with their smell. For me it is more a curse than a blessing.

  18. I knew this guy from high school who smelled absolutely AWESOME. We had gym together and we would playfully throw his arms around me, from behind (straight boys can be such a tease, right?) and I swear, I thought I was gonna tear through my gym shorts EVERYTIME. God, he smelled am amazing.

  19. Scent can be an amazing turn on. And when a guy is turned on by my scent that is even a bigger turn on.

  20. To some of the posters above, it has been shown that the average gay man has a sense of smell superior to the average hetero man, closer to the average female.

    Unfortunately, men don’t have the possibility of four-color sight like some women do, that gene just makes us colorblind 🙁

  21. OMG, growing up I thought I was a total freak and was part of a very small minority of people who got off on the intense pheromones that are in man sweat, especially from the crotch (Idk if the crotch has special properties or if its just concentrated sweat with the lack of deodorants)

    When I was 13 and was at my first football camp the summer before high school, all the guys would throw their jocks in the same laundry pile in front of the showers after practice, and thats pretty much when I discovered I was gay because everytime I got anywhere near that pile all I could think about doing was diving right in as gross as that may sound. I had to turn away from many a shower to hide some very intense erections! Usually a quick rub out in a toilet stall would do the trick (I was young and had plenty of inspiration after all) but not aways!

    Sometimes after a long day in the gym, the smell from my own shorts can really get me going. And I am by no means a narcissist!

  22. 🙂

    so, for those Pheromone Chasers out there: what do you do if you find yourself loving both the look and the smell of a guy who is a total douche•hole that loves to be physically abusive?

    (´just as an extreme example, of course.)

    from what i’ve been reading (there was a similar post about this subject, some months back), i really believe it’s just a matter of psyching one’s self out.

    it’s cool if you get off on the smell of Sweat (as long as you don’t try to pretend you can detect pheromones in it, when both our olfactory glands should be processing the same emanation), in general.. ..but i have never seen the draw of it.

    maybe my pheromone receptor is malfunctional.

    maybe not.

    i don’t have any reason to feel bad, though: i still do like “Scents,” and i love Parfûm on a fellow, as long as he didn’t go overboard with its application.

  23. Oh yeah the scent thing.
    I am so glad to know that there are other with a nose like mine…..I get quite a wiff when I walk aroud nyc. But scents are definitely a turn on. I remember this guy who did the axe body wash touch omg on him mixed with his sweat while we were doing it was FUCKING AMAZING!! I didnt want to stop fucking lol
    I have had my pits licked and I had on deodorant. He liked it so I did a bit of running before I got to the house lol
    I know scents just enhance the experience. A good one is like an aphrodisiac while a bad one is a repellant

  24. I’ve definitely been turned on by a guys scent, but that’s cause I love the taste of sweat and the smell of a sweaty man

  25. My one & only boyfriend (2000-2001) that I had a year-long relationship with turned me on immensely with his natural pheromones. A little cologne only enhanced the physical desires I had for him. Only our first date, in the middle of a freak east TX ice storm black-out, I had sex with him 8 or 9 times up into the late morning of the following day. The guy drove me crazy with his smell. While datine, we’d often come in from the club sweating from all the dancing we’d done & I couldn’t wait for him to get me in his bed. I’d practically lick the guy all over. Just passing by him would make my dick jump a little bit as I caught his scent. I never thought I’d rim a guy until I met him & the few times we did that really drove me over the edge…maybe because I got to reverse our roles & top him…a rarity. I haven’t met anyone else since him who turned me on like that with his scent.

  26. It hit me like a drug so….intoxicating
    I went to an Atlanta strip club “Swing’n Richards” and I went up and tipped a dancer before all his clothes came off and he got close to me and he scent was something I’ll never forget.
    What a wonderful experience

  27. Yeah I’ve been attracted to a guy based on scent. But on more than one occasion I’ve been told that my scent is intoxicating.

    The right scent on a guy can really get me from dispassionate to horny in seconds. I’ve yet to meet the guy with the perfect natural scent (most guys use way too much cologne and other products now days). When I do find a guy with the right scent, clothes will be torn off among other things.


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