Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Some Random Guys In Red Underwear.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day created by a demonic marketing team to ruin everybody’s day at least once a year. For those of you in relationships, it causes unnecessary stress and angst over gifts, dates, getaways, am I doing enough, do I really love this person, etc. For single people, they get their faces rubbed in everybody else celebrating their relationships and making them feel like they’re deficient if they’re solo. FUCK VALENTINE’S DAY. There is help, though! If you’re looking for companionship this Valentine’s Day, either for a potential relationship or a single Valentine’s Day hot hookup, click on over to Manhunt! You can find a dick right near yours! If you feel like flying solo and want to forget this stupid day with a nice, solid jerk-off session – we’re having a “Porn-A-Palooza!” Click here for TONS of discounts on a TON of different sites! It’s because YOU’RE Manhunt Daily’s valentine this year! (It’s still a stupid day, though.)

p.s. Here’s some hot dudes in red underwear cuz’ we had to throw up something Valentine’s Day-related if I’m going to write a bitchy post.

Michael Xavier

h/t: Todd Sanfield, Joe Snyder, and The Underwear Expert

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