Halloween: A Time For Sluttiness

My cubicle neighbor here at Manhunt HQ cracks up whenever I shriek that “Halloween is Gay Christmas!” He thinks I’m nutty. But it totally is! If you go to the right party or club, you can be faced with an abundance of sexy beasts dressed as scantily as possible. Plus – candy. THAT is the greatest holiday ever. Fuck Santa.

I will never forget the magical year I was at a party, and two of the beefiest muscle brawlers ever swaggered in dressed in lederhosen with no shirts and carrying steins full of sloshy beer. It’s amazing how that one costume idea turned my heels to helium.

In celebration of Gay Christmas, I collected these pics of hot guys in sexy costumes. What was the best Halloween costume you ever wore and did you have sex in it?

p.s. What’s with all the guys in diapers? Is “adult baby” the fall-back costume for Halloween? Kinky.

– J. Harvey

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27 thoughts on “Halloween: A Time For Sluttiness

  1. The best costume I’ve done is dressing as Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  Didn’t have sex in it, but had a lot of fun with it.

    Never done a slutty costume.  I love the eye candy every Halloween and hope that never changes, but I just prefer having a fun or goofy costume.

    Also, the Spartan in the office… I know there’s casual Fridays but I’d be surprised if they let him get away with it.

  2. Kudos to the Ambiguous Gay Duo.  A little dated, but clever.  The shirtless Tin Man also works for me.

  3. i  want the two  in your  first picture to  ring  my  doorbell on halloween.   BTW  they  won’t  be  home until at least the next day!!!!!     that    is  going to be  my    candy!!!  dam   i   got a sweet tooth  and  i  want to  suck  on  them



  5. Sadly I’m too bearish for the scanty Halloween costume. But my favorite of recent years was dressing at work as Clark Kent turning into Superman. My then-roommate would occasionally play the Superman theme and I’d rip open my button-up shirt (velcro) exposing a Superman tee underneath and then rush off to fight crime.

  6. I was thinking about wearing a spandex superhero costume or perhaps just some tights and nothing else.

  7. I once dressed as a cave man, with a messed up Tina Turner wig, bare chest, super short “flap”, complete with animal boots and teeth/bones necklace and bracelet.  I worked out heavy for two months before so I looked hot.  Won a contest at a club in West Hollywood, and I started a small orgy in the mens room, then went to the ladies room and got a mind blowing BJ from a guy in a leather head mask who unzipped his lips to take it all in . . . . a Halloween I will never forget !!

  8. My sluttiest costume was a home-made version of Ganymede during my university days. I covered myself in gold powder and draped two yards of chiffon over one shoulder. Ah… Goldfinger’s Beer Pong.

  9. I THOUGHT that was Mario Lopez. I’m going as Sub zero this year…..I went as Robin the boy wonder last year and I’ve never had my package groped as much as I did last year on halloween 

  10. I love Halloween. I wish we had it in the summer though so that skimpier costumes (especially on guys as sexy as some of the one’s that you posted above) would be the norm.  You are right, Halloween is the Gay High Holy Day.

  11. The Pizza delivery guy is HOT  !  Now I know where I’m getting my costume this year  !  YUM ! ;-)~ 

  12. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and is actually the ONLY holiday I like.  Sadly not many guys dress-up slutty/sexy around here.  Tonight we dressed-up for work (I’m a server at a restaurant) and I went as the comic book Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.  Basically spandex from the neck down, and a home-made costume too.  All night I was told that I have the ass to be able to pull it off

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