Guys, You Still Love Active Duty

When porn first starting becoming an online thing, was easily one of the sites with the best content.  Dink Flamingo was just an off-screen voice, a master of seducing hot, straight military studs!

When the site was acquired a few years ago, the content did become slightly more “factory pornish”, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still really hot!

Take the latest scene featuring two horny dudes with unlikely names like Princeton Price and Poleski.  Just Poleski.  It’s just really good sex with hot guys.  If you like Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher, I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be up your alley too.

Check out these pics and head over to for more if it seems to be up your alley.   If you decide to sign up for a membership, you really can’t go wrong since you get all this great new content and the entire ActiveDuty archives.

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