Group Therapy: The Best Foursomes, Fivesomes & More-Somes Of 2014

In the third most popular group sex scene of the year, insatiable cum slut Eli Hunter pisses off his Sketchy Sex housemate by throwing his ankles in the air and stealing James Hamilton‘s load at the last minute. This almost represents a bizarre case of life imitating art, as the newer gangbang site overshadows Fraternity X on today’s Best of Manhunt Daily countdown. They snatched four of the top ten spots, while Fraternity X only managed to grab two.

(See last year’s list here.)

Thanks to Paddy O’Brian‘s hairy arse, MEN.COM ties Fraternity X with two entries and surpasses Sketchy Sex for the number spot. Meanwhile, Jed Athens‘ critically-damaged butthole helps Unmentionable Entertainment make it onto the list, and a link from Queerty manages to push a lackluster orgy from Broke Straight Boys into the top five.

All things considered, though, I’d say Sketchy Sex and Eli Hunter are the real winners here. I’m almost worried to find out how they’ll wind up topping themselves in 2015.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sketchy Sex

Take a look at the best group sex scenes of 2014 below:



Eli Hunter fucks himself with a coke bottle and gets creampied on gay porn site Sketchy Sex.

We wrote: “There’s so much happening in the latest Sketchy Sex scene that I’m not sure I can fit it all into one post. Um, let’s start with the fact that Eli Hunter bottoms for a Coca-Cola bottle. Their passionate tryst only lasts for fifteen seconds before the cold glass is replaced by an anonymous stranger’s gigantic cock, but one could easily argue that moments like this solidify Eli’s status as 2014′s ‘Most Ratchet Cum Dump‘.”



Brad gets gangbanged in a gay porn scene for Fraternity X.

We wrote: “During my freshman year of college, I developed a crush on this beefy football player who took the same theater class as me… I’m bringing this up, because if my football crush had ever invited me to meet his frat brothers, I would have gladly attended and drank whatever revolting liquor they had available… And if he dragged me into a bathroom and decided to film me getting gangbanged, it’s quite likely I would have arched my back, opened my mouth wide and taken everything they had to offer like 18 year-old freshman Brad did on Fraternity X.”




We wrote: “In a press release for the film—posted here in its entirety—director Adam Killian described the scene as ‘one of the hottest, most passionate and intimate scenes in Lucas Entertainment history.’ This might be true if your idea of ‘passion’ and ‘intimacy’ involves aggressive gangbangs, group sex that’s so scattered you can hardly enjoy the action and sloppy anuses that look like a pile of mold growing in a dirty corner of your refrigerator.



Ryan gets fucked while unconscious on gay porn site Fraternity X

We wrote: Ryan starts off bottoming over the kitchen counter for Zach, Andrew and Travis, as he casually smokes cigarettes, takes swigs of drinks and chats with his fellow frat brothers about sports… Then he passes out on the staircase and—surprise—everyone continues to stuff their dicks up his butt! I guess by Fraternity X logic, it doesn’t count as rape if the participant consented before he’s unconscious? Not that it would have mattered for these guys.”



Paddy O'Brian gets gangbanged by Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Jessy Ares and Gabriel Clark in the MEN.COM original series Howl

We wrote: “The cast for MEN.COM‘s new gay porn Halloween series ‘Howl’ is utterly insane. Paddy O’Brian and Colby Keller lead an all-star cast that includes Gabriel Clark, Jessy AresDato Foland and newcomer Logan Moore… These are six men who consistently put their all into every scene they film, and together, they manage to deliver a group sex finale that appears to be vastly superior to the first time Paddy got gangbanged. A lot of loads are going to be blown to these clips. A whole lot.”



Nate gets creampied on gay porn gangbang site Sketchy Sex

We wrote: “If you look in the background of this picture, you’ll see that the ridiculously-hung guy who first banged Eli gets directed to a black leather armchair. He drops a second load into Eli’s housemate Nate, then fucks his throat while the second guy who banged Eli (who I think is their housemate Trent) takes over fucking duties. Trent drops his load, and somehow, it’s still not over.”



Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, Dakota Ford, Damien Kyle and Tyler White in a bareback group sex scene for gay porn site Broke Straight Boys

We wrote: “If you’re a fan of the site and the models selected, you’re going to enjoy what you see… But, uh, let’s not delude ourselves! This is nowhere near as enticing as Sean Cody‘s ‘Mountain Getaway‘, that scene where Kris Evans fucks the Kinky Angels or even your average clip from Fraternity X. Take it for what it is, and you might enjoy it.”



James Hamilton, Eli Hunter and more in a bareback orgy for gay porn site Sketchy Sex.

We wrote: “The truly insatiable, unemployed ‘cum dumps‘ at Sketchy Sex invited James Hamilton and his 8.5 inch dick over for some fun. They start off greedily slurping on his long, beautiful member at the bottom of their staircase, then head upstairs to their living room for a creampie filled fuck-fest. You absolutely need to see the major side-eye action that occurs when James pulls out of one bottom and decides to bust his final load in Eli Hunter‘s smooth, hungry hole.”



Eli Hunter's cum-guzzling gay porn bareback gangbang

We wrote: “The muscular, cum-hungry bottom has emerged as the breakout star of controversial bareback site Sketchy Sex (which is especially funny, since he identified as ‘straight‘ not too long ago in a scene with Austin Wilde). His smooth, round cheeks have been creampied more than any other guy on the site, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his entire stomach’s full of jizz.”



Paddy O'Brian in a gangbang scene with Gabriel Vanderloo, Alex Brando, Allen King and Damien Crosse for gay porn site MEN.COM.

We wrote: Damien Crosse aggressively, um, encourages Allen and Gabriel to fuck Paddy’s muscular ass, before getting so turned on that he has to slide in himself. (Spoiler alert! He is not gentle.) Alex is around too for the action, but based on the trailer, I can’t tell for sure if he gets a turn to reunite with Paddy’s surprisingly talented pucker.”



5 thoughts on “Group Therapy: The Best Foursomes, Fivesomes & More-Somes Of 2014

  1. this list is disappointing. Sketchy Sex does absolutely almost nothing for me… I’m sure there was better out there.

  2. Well you could go into porn and be a sketchy bottom and I’m sure your dance card would be fully punched. That being said, I’m not sure I’d ever use porn as a measure for comparison of anything.

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