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Ok, I know this is going to make me look like a weird hermit, but I had never heard the term “gold-star gay” until a gay-skewing Christmas party last week! A friend referred to himself as one and I was like “you have some sort of Zagat’s rating?” As I learned, it is a gay (or I guess bisexual or queer) guy that has never known the touch of a woman. Actually, it was broken down for me like this:

1) Gold-Star Gay – a man who has never had any sort of vaginal contact with the opposite gender

2) Platinum-Star Gay – a man who has never had any contact with the vagine (it just sounds better) so much so that he was born via cesarean

Ok, “Platinum-Star” is just silly. “Gold-Star Gay” is an interesting concept. Does making out or touching breasts and/or ass count? For our purposes, I’m going to say “Gold-Star Gay” means that there has been no contact with a lady’s nethers. But why do we care? Do dudes care about this? Are there some guys so into their homosexuality that they take pride in the label? Or is it just a fun fact? Who knows. Nevertheless, let’s find out who among our audience has never been near a vag. I’ll go first. I am NOT a “gold-star gay.” I know, it seems odd that someone so into gay porn would have had visited where life begins. It’s true. It happened at a frat party and I just wanted to make sure, I guess. It was only a third base-type scenario but still, that eliminates me from the category. Take the survey below and – while you’re there, check out Gavin Elliott and Colton Burke sucking each other off for Jason Sparks Live. Do you think they’re “gold-star gays?” (Wow, that’s my next survey. Are you into porn without anal?) Watch the whole scene here, and take the “gold-star gay” survey below.

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