Girls Aren’t The Only Ones Who Can Make It Clap

Booty clap

A friend sent me a video this morning entitled "Chicken 'N' Waffles", featuring a thick young woman shaking what some would call her "badonkadonk". This got me thinking about the objectification of women in popular media. Actually, it just reminded me of this XTube video I once encountered.

The video featured a self-proclaimed chub booty-popping to Lil Jon's "Get Low". It was so oddly hypnotic that I had to watch his other dances to Destiny's Child's "T-Shirt" and Jamie Foxx's "Unpredictable". One of my female friends was terrified when I made her watch the former. On the other hand, a guy I know nearly jizzed himself when he saw it…

If you can handle a little jiggle, we suggest watching both videos and letting us know who shook it better. We're leaning towards the girl in the "Chicken 'N' Waffles" video. This guy may be able to dance in a t-shirt, but can he hold one with his ass cheeks and still shake it? I think not.

– Dewitt

To watch both videos, follow the JUMP:

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10 thoughts on “Girls Aren’t The Only Ones Who Can Make It Clap

  1. LMFAO! Just looking at the screen caps are enough to make me sick, so you can bet I’m not going to watch the video.

  2. omg im calling jenny craig and given here both these videos. the guys ass i swear looks like there are 2 midgets fighting to get air in his ass, i mean come on big guys or small should never ever do that ever!!!
    my lap top is still shaking from it

  3. ok im gay but if i had to choose it would pick her at least she half assed no pun made it look sexy

  4. Personally, I like a little belly on a guy, but that’s definitely above my limit. Doesn’t help that his scrotum keeps folding to look like lady parts.
    Then again, I’m sure plenty of people would feel the same if I made a video like that, so I can’t be too judgemental.

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