Getting A Little Rusty: Not Always A Bad Thing

With his fuzzy ass and low-hangers, Rusty was very popular on the past weekend’s edition of Unlockables. Thankfully, the folks over at Active Duty are well-aware of his appeal, as they rushed him right into a threesome with site fave Blake and ass-play enthusiast Nick Gunner. How very considerate of them!

Things kick off with the boys blowing and rimming one another, until Rusty’s the first one to stick his ass in the air and take it like a man. Blake gives him a good hard pounding, and Nick gets so turned on watching that he shoots a thick load all over Rusty’s face. And that’s only the first of many loads…

Proving that he’s a real trooper, Nick throws up his ankles and lets Blake shove every inch inside of him. Now that’s what we call stamina! The two eventually switch places, and Nick literally fucks the cum out of Blake. Two more loads are busted all over Blake’s face. Rusty licks them off, shares some of it and Blake swallows the rest. Too. Fucking. Hot.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Active Duty

To watch Rusty, Blake and Nick Gunner in action, follow the JUMP:

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10 thoughts on “Getting A Little Rusty: Not Always A Bad Thing

  1. A good three-way should be all about survival of the fittest…the two stronger guys conspire and compete to completely stuff and manhandle the third.
    It’s the law of the jungle.

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