Geek Out: Barack Obama + Awesome Things

Picture 57

Yes, this is a picture of President Barack Obama examining the Sword of Omens from Thundercats. And that’s not the only awesome thing he’s looking at. Thanks to artist Dean Trippe‘s appropriately titled “Barack Obama Looking At Awesome Things” series, the big O is getting his geek on like never before.

Head over to Trippe’s blog to check out the full series. Why? Because seeing the US president photoshopped next to an incubator full of velociraptors is fucking hilarious. Did you really need to ask that question?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dean Trippe

To see more from this series, follow the JUMP:




Picture 54

Picture 55

Picture 56



4 thoughts on “Geek Out: Barack Obama + Awesome Things

  1. I keep wanting them to make another short circuit, NOT REMAKE short circuit but continue it, either have jonny 5 make himself a wife ( or husband) or make himself a son. cause if ya think about hes gonna be 25 now

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