Gay Ass Gossip: Up And Coming Actor Luke Evans Back In The Closet

ITEM – Hollywood is tough. You start off as an openly gay actor, then you land some big movie roles, and the execs try to stuff your ass back in closet. Luke Evans stars in Immortals (it opens today, looks ridic but pretty like all of Tarsem’s flicks) and he’s also in the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit. His problem? Dude was openly gay and now he’s got some chick saying she’s his lady and his Wikipedia entry has changed and his publicist won’t specify shit. Before someone slaps me with it’s none of my business, note that he stated his intention to be an out actor from the very beginning. We could use a big gay movie star, Luke. Show CruiseTravoltaSmith how it’s done. Bring Kellan with you.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Luke (and more “Gay Ass Gossip”), Follow the JUMP:


ITEM – Joel McHale of The Soup and Community fame shot the following vid in which he and the rest of the guys from Community go topless in some stunt for People magazine’s attention. Hey, at least Chevy Chase wasn’t involved. And hey, Joel McHale has body! This doesn’t really qualify as gossip, but I’m not stupid. You totally care more about Joel’s bod situation than who he’s fucking. Unless it’s a dude, which would be a whole different story.


ITEM – Ooooo, this trailer for Snow White & The Huntsman is going to please ALL the gays. And two-fold! You’ve got Charlize Theron chewing THE FUCK out of the scenery as Snow White’s Evil Queen. And you’ve got Avengers hotass Chris Hemsworth sweaty, savage and showing off those guns. Make that thirdfold – there’s very little Kristen Stewart despite her being the main character. Good. I’ve had this year’s pouty mumbling and vapid lip-biting quotient filled already.

179 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Up And Coming Actor Luke Evans Back In The Closet

  1. i knew luke back when he was doing theatre back in those La Cava days… and i wont comment on anything except to say his former preferences were prolific… lol

  2. Some discover that they are gay later in life and some might discover that they in fact like the ladies. In the first case it’s all natural and in the latter it’s “omg he’s such a fake”. Can you spell double standard? Not saying that this is what happened with Luke but it doesn’t matter, he’s clearly pro gays.

  3. Put simply, what a fucking chicken. He conformed to society ideals. he compromised who he is, and I have no respect for that. Now Dewitt and J.w babies, I i can t wait to read your take on Mr oscar dela hoya, or should I say Mrs, I always new he wasn t straight.  

  4. If it turned out that he were straight, good for him.  But this just seems like a career move.  What’s the point of covering up the old articles where you state you’re out and acting as though you were straight all along as opposed to announcing your sexuality has changed? 

  5. According gay blogger/activist James Duke Mason (son of Belinda Carlisle, grandson of James Mason), a friend of Luke’s claims that he was forced back into the closet by his Hollywood agents, managers, etc. Which doesn’t exactly let him off the hook: he once said he’d rather be a poor but proudly out 60 year old than have skeletons rattling in his closet.

    My question is how he and his handlers think they can get away with this when it’s all out there on the internet for everybody to find? He’s gonna have to re-out himself at some point, and might as well do it sooner rather than later. Right now, he looks like a hypocrite and a coward, whereas demonstrating that openly gay men can play heroes in the movies would be more, well, heroic.

  6. So, let me see if I understand this. He has to stuff himself into a closet in order to appear in a movie where Ian McKellen returns to an acclaimed Oscar-nominated role?

  7. Man that Snow White film looks great, despite the presence of Kristen “vacuous mannequin face” Stewart’s involvement. 

  8. Joel is sexy,

    There is rumors that someone from the twilight series wants to come out, but was told to wait till after the movie was released….KELLAN?

  9. the charlize theron version of snow white will totally blow julia roberts’ version out of the water. the big blow to charlize’s movie is that kristen stewart is in it lol apart from that 1 mistake, the movie will b rather awesum.

  10. the whole point of Snow White is having “blood-red lips”… someone in make-up sure dropped the ball (or didn’t read the script)! lol

  11. I’m too busy fapping over those kinky fishnet bodysuit pics he did that led to his fall from grace. Let me give you my opinion afterwards.

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