Gay Ass Gossip: Bradley Cooper’s Into Feet

ITEM – Bradley Cooper’s publicist posed as a model named Laura Simpson to tell InStyle Weekly that she stopped dating Cooper cuz’ he’s a foot freak. Simpson was supposedly set up on a date with her by his The Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence. The two went out a few times, but Laura reportedly nixed it because Bradley wanted to stick his cock between her piggies.

InTouch Weekly (via DListed):

“After a bunch of dates, things got very awkward. He was always touching her feet. It was weird, so she broke it off. [They had] six real dates and were hooking up for about a month.”

I believe this story. I believe this story if the actual toes he had his cock flossing were hairy.


ITEM –  Sexy ass Taye Diggs doesn’t waste time with a home security system or a shotgun under the bed. If you break into his house, he will fuck you up. Diggs got back from presenting at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night and went to bed. Some simpleton broke into his house that night and Taye’s beautiful ass scared him off. That wasn’t good enough for Deputy Diggs, who chased that dude down, tackled him, and held him until the police got there. Taye was so formidable that the burglar’s getaway driver left his ass! Taye Diggs is a badass bitch.


ITEM – Foot fetishist (see above) Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling have a new flick together. It’s called The Place In The Pines, and it’s about two sexy fuckers who begin an epic romance after they meet on Fire Island. Actually, it looks like it’s about a bank robber and a cop or something equally boring. My idea is way better.

9 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Bradley Cooper’s Into Feet

  1. Wow, that pic of Ryan and Bradley is hot enough to melt the snow on my windowsill! It’s almost begging for a round of “Caption This,” but I think MH’s servers would crash from all the XXX-rated possibilities!

  2. Isn’t it funny how a guy that while you admit is hot, never really seemed your “type” until they said or did something that made you rethink that? It’s that way with Bradley Cooper. I always thought he was handsome, yes but now I find him sexy 😉 (cuz ya know, the foot thing). Was the same with Halle Berry. I never thought she was that hot until I saw her on SNL (sense of humor in a woman is such a turn on).

  3. I’d let Bradley Cooper stick his penis between my toes! Obviously someone’s a little too reserved when it comes to sexual exploration. She makes him sound like a freak when there are worse things that people do fetish-wise. A penis between the toes seems relatively normal.

  4. If the two of them were actually to have sex with each other, the angels would weep, the sun would go supernova and the Earth would spin off its axis.

  5. Oh that picture of Ryan and Bradley is gonna spawn some spunk. You can almost see the sexual tension there with Bradley thinking “We’re lovers now…right?” and Ryan thinking “Dude I was drunk. I don’t even know how that happened…all those times.”

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