Fucked raw over the deck

Malakai White is busy grilling some meat when Casey Owens finds him and gives him a taste of a different kind of meat.  Getting on his knees, Malakai sucks Casey’s sweet cock, getting him good and hard before Casey stands Malakai up, bends him over the deck railing and fucks him raw

Wanting him doggy style they move things to the floor as Malakai gets on all fours and lets Casey pound his tight hole, filling him up inside. 

Malakai moans as he takes Casey’s hard cock, turning onto his back as Casey dominates him, fucking him bareback as Malakai’s ass stretches around that hard shaft.  Malakai reaches down and strokes his own prick, jerking it nice and slow as Casey continues to fuck him, balls slapping against Malakai’s ass as he gets his hole worked by Casey’s shaft. 

These horny guys fuck until the sun goes down and then shoot their load, letting that hot cum drip from their cock as they stroke out each last drop.


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