Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Tom Wolfe Fucked

We teased you last night with The Sword‘s sneak peek at Raging Stallion‘s Cowboys, but what about some porn flicks that you can actually watch now? This week’s round of Fuck Vs. Fuck revolves around two other releases with Cowboys star Tom Wolfe, specifically focusing on the men he stuck his dick in. No, Raging Stallion didn’t ask us to make these two posts in a row. We’re just really into watching Tom Wolfe fuck other dudes.

Today’s first contestant (and Tom Wolfe dick recipient) is none other than Trent Locke, a returning Fuck Vs. Fuck champion who beat out Parker London, Erik Rhodes and Andrew Jakk. Rest assured, we won’t make it easy for him to win again! He’s up against Angelo Marconi and Shay Michaels. Oh, and if you think Shay is at a disadvantage for not having as many pics as the other guys, be sure to watch the portion of the Suited For Sex trailer from 2:06-2:12.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Raging Stallion

To see pics, trailers and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

Shall we begin with a bonus pic of Tom?

Good. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to today’s contestants…


With Trent Locke in Woodshop:


Woodshop trailer:


With Angelo Marconi in Suited For Sex:


With Shay Michaels in Suited For Sex:


Suited For Sex trailer:

17 thoughts on “Fuck Vs. Fuck: Guys Tom Wolfe Fucked

  1. Damn, I cannot get enough of Tom Wolfe!

    Also wish Colby Keller had been one of the options! Loved when Tom topped Colby in Filthy Fuckers for Massive Studios and Falcon!

  2. I don’t think one could really lose with any of the three men listed. They are all super hot in their own individual ways.

  3. Nope. Not in front of the camera, but who is to say about off camera? He’s a top, but I think the best tops give it up once-in-a-while. Otherwise, they get boring. Spencer Reed is a good example.

  4. Trent Locke all furred up is the BEST ever. I’d love to flip fuck with his hot furry self and that magnificent cock…

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