Fuck, Marry, Block: Bruce, Arnold & Sly

Sad news this morning. Former California governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger has split from his wife of 25 years, television’s Maria Shriver. They were one of those Hollywood types that you thought would last.  Although, you know Ahnold was giving anything with a vagina “rides” in the gubernatorial Hummer.

Because of this, we decided to dedicate today’s “Fuck, Marry, Block” to the action heroes of days past – Arnold, Bruce Willis & the disturbingly waxy Sylvester Stallone. They appeared together for the first time in last year’s The Expendables, and we’re sure they all still have some fuck juice left in em’.

Which one would you fuck, which one would you marry, and which one gets blocked by you on Manhunt? Let us know in the comments section!

– J. Harvey

To see some pics of these dudes in their hunky prime, Follow the JUMP:

31 thoughts on “Fuck, Marry, Block: Bruce, Arnold & Sly

  1. well, it would have to be –

    Fuck – Arnold – just to say i fucked a terminator
    Marry – Bruce – only coz i don’t want to marry Sly
    Block – Sly – just coz i never found him attractive even in his prime D: sorry

  2. Back when they were in their prime:
    F: Willis
    M: Stallone
    B: Schwarzenegger

    Present day:
    F: Schwarzenegger
    M: Willis
    B: Stallone

  3. i dont think i’d do any of them. they are all waaaay too old now, and being a 20-something stud myself, i can get (and usually do) way better!! time for them to hit the nursing home circuit

  4. by the first pic with all 3:
    F: Stallone
    M: Willis
    B: Schwarzenegger

    by the individual pics:
    F: Schwarzenegger
    M: Stallone
    B: Willis

    it’s really amazing how much they’ve changed — i feel like willis has changed the least – though he couldn’t match up before, he’s aged so much better than the other two

  5. Andy, what an arrogent little prig you are. I daresay you will be in the nursing home circuit long before they ever were. Please realize your time of glory is so fleetingly brief that you should be thankful you have it rather than acting like you will never lose it.

  6. fuck Willis – long term affair – he’s hot
    marry Arnold – billions $$ + open marriage
    block the guy with bad taste, steriods and a family you would never give you a minute of
    peace. drama drama drama.

    I think there’s fun living, supported by good living and excluding bad living choices.

    At least the husband choice would be too busy boinking to bother with whatever I was doing.
    Pragmatic and less painful. Security is highly undervalued.

  7. id only touch bruce… arny is a retard and sylvester is total special needs… his mother is hotter

  8. You should have asked me these questions 20 years ago, now no-Bruce no-Arnold and really NO-Sly

  9. They are ALL still so cute. Would take ’em all on…one at a time or in a group. YUMMIE.

  10. can i fuck AND Marry Bruce, but block both Arnie and Sly? Never liked either of them… but i’ve been in love with Bruce since Die Hard…

  11. In their prime…

    Fuck- Arnold
    Marry- Arnold
    Block- Willis

    As is…

    Fuck- Arnold
    Marry- Willis
    Block- Sly

  12. You guys are all way more decisive than I am.  I’d:
    Fuck Bruce, Marry Bruce and Block Sly and Ahnold.

  13. In their prime, I would block Schwarzenegger because he’s just too damn big. Fucking him would make me feel like I was fucking a house. I would block Willis in the 80’s because I didn’t like his hair and he was too damn cocky without being that sexy to back it up. From the 70’s to the early 90’s, I’d fuck Stallone but I’d marry Willis because of the Die Hard money. However… starting somewhere in 1991, I’d definitely switch to marry Schwarzenegger and fuck Willis. Especially in Pulp Fiction and The Kid.

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