Forget Team Edward or Jacob! I’m Team Felix…

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I don't know shit about the Twilight series, but I am perfectly aware that the male actors of the films have quickly turned into international sex symbols. You know their names–Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner. But how come no one's been talking about Daniel Cudmore?

You may remember Mr. Cudmore from his role as Colossus in the last two X-Men movies. In New Moon, he plays the role of Felix, a member of the Volturi clan. I'm pretty sure this means he's evil and hangs out with Dakota Fanning or something. Evil or not, I'd still wrap his ass in bacon and devour the hell out of him. 

– Dewitt

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Daniel Cudmore e1

Daniel Cudmore e4















Thanks to Wicked Gay Blog for making us aware of this epic hotness!

19 thoughts on “Forget Team Edward or Jacob! I’m Team Felix…

  1. Nice. Loved him in the X-Men movies (too bad they didn’t make him more like the Ultimate version).
    I’ve done my best to avoid the Twilight franchise, but if this guy is running around shirtless (and hopefully wolfing out), I might just be willing to sit through a couple hours of twinky teen drama and sparkly vampires.
    …Eh, probably still not.

  2. There’s also Charlie Bewley, who played Demetri; and then Cameron Bright, who played Alec; both members of the Volturi clan as well.

  3. no need to pick just one character from that movie. basically all of the guys in new moon were amazingly hot; edward’s brothers and dad, the wolf dudes, etc.
    lots of hott guys to be seen…
    and when jacob took off his shirt the entire theatre i was in gasped with excitement haha!

  4. you guys can post as many pics like those as you want… email addresses / phone numbers are always good, too.

  5. Too chunky? That is honestly the dumbest, most inaccurate comment I have ever read regarding anything on this site. This guy is smokin’ hot, long and short hair, he looks amazing! At 6’8″ this guy is a fucking dreamboat, haha!

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