Follow Friday: @xxHarleyQxx


Would you like to see this hot boy naked? He's promised to take it all off for us, but there's one simple catch–he needs to triple his amount of followers on Twitter. Shockingly, this Texas cutie only has twenty-eight people following him (at the time this post was written), so we're only fifty-six away from seeing some much naughtier pics. Check out his profile, @xxHarleyQxx, and be sure to click that follow button!

On a slightly random note, do you remember Josh from a few weeks ago? Harley is the "certain someone" who deemed me "the devil on everyone's shoulders" for encouraging him to do porn. These two boys have both expressed interest in entering the adult industry, and one of them will make their debut very soon.

Oops! Perhaps I've said too much. If you can't get enough of us saying things, be sure to follow our profiles too, @Manhunt and @DewittDaily. Who knows what we'll post? You may even see my own naughty pics some day…

– Dewitt

To see two more teaser pics of Harley, follow the JUMP:



14 thoughts on “Follow Friday: @xxHarleyQxx

  1. I am surprise that he he has that many followers with those bateman undies on !!!

  2. Batman is badass bitch, but twitter is kind of for douchebags. = / Unless you’re fabulously famous, or the most amusing and interesting person this world has ever seen you don’t need a twitter account. What you need are friends and self respect.

  3. ok bitchy queen go crawl back under the non social cause u probly to ugly rock u crawled out of no one cares aboutt ur judgment of how people inter act , and trust me blackjack hammer those undies are alot hotter then u think anyways could be worse coudl be wonder woman lol,

  4. Sebastian – Hopefully those are just bad photos, but, judging from those photos, the “bitchy queens” are absolutely right. He’s about as appealing in those photos as a wet washcloth tossed into the lavatory sink. Actually I think the washcloth is more aesthetically pleasing. And that underwear — My Dear Man, simply atrocious!@!@!@!

  5. You guys do realize that this is a real person with feelings, right?? How would you feel if someone came around and called you “as appealing as a wet washcloth tossed into the lavatory sink”?
    Think before you speak…or I guess type in this case.
    Oh also I think Harley is definitely a hot guy. I’m not on Twitter but he might convince me to join!!!

  6. well then we can solve this problem if he reads these comments he should post some new pics and we can see then and just cause u cant wear small underwear with a batman symbol and pull it off dont mean put someone else down

  7. Well hmm. I think he’s adorable. Cute underwear, but just as with all undies, they would look much better in a pile on the floor 😉

  8. get over all of it people , the boy wants to join the industry in the hopes of it just happening over night , he’ll soon learn that it actaully does take a direct course of thought and how u carry yourself to get to where most porn stars are , but let him get used up and live a little after all it is called the real world for a reason .

  9. so all u guys on here talking shit i sure would love to see pics each of u to find out if u even have room to talk so much i mean damn the kid was just putting pics up big deal not like everyone does not do it at least he had the courage to do it unlike you who just sit there and talk down to everyone like ur some gift to the world lol i am sure ur just over weight rejects who cant even find a date cause u think ur to damn good but then again thats just what i think ( but i bet i am right)

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