Flirting & Kissing by the Lake

When close friends Angel Rivera & Leo Grand hang out together they look at each other in a different light and decide to explore if there’s something more going on between them. Flirting & kissing by the lake gets serious sexual when they return to the house and make out on the patio.

Angel is happily impressed watching Leo’s hearty sucking and his ability to take some throat fucking and he enjoys all the time & attention. In time though Angel gives back gets Leo to turn around so he can eat out his hole.

At one point, instinctively knowing what Angel wants, Leo moves up and slides his saliva lubed-hole on Angel’s cock and rides him. And Leo shifts positions to take all of Angel’s thrusts, impaling himself deeper on his drilling dick.

Leo takes a short break but Angel is right there to suck him with the same kind of attention he received. Still Angel needs to fill his hole again, so he soon turns over Leo and gets on top to drill him.

His hard fucking only slows as he gradually flips Leo on his back and pounds a load out of him. Almost immediately after, Angel pulls out to shoot over and into Leo’s hole. As the spent pair kiss it’s clear their friendship is on a very different level from here onward.  


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