Flashback Fridays: Casey Donovan

Next to Al Parker–quite literally in the picture above–it’s relatively safe to call Casey Donovan an icon of gay porn’s earlier days. He rose to international fame for his role in 1971’s Boys In The Sand and moved on to appear in several classic adult films. There was L.A. Tool & Die with Bob Blount! The Back Row with George Payne! And let’s not forget his scenes from The Other Side of Aspen I

Donovan partakes in an epic fivesome, accompanied by Parker, Dick Fisk, Chad Benson and Jeff Turk. It all ends with him sprawled out in the middle, jerking his cock and taking each of his partners’ loads all over his sweaty, glistening body.

Unfortunately, there’s a sad end to this tale. Donovan passed away at the age of forty-three in August of 1987, suffering from an AIDS-related pulmonary infection. We know mentioning this may be a major boner kill, but it should be considered within the historical context of his career.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Falcon Studios

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1,412 thoughts on “Flashback Fridays: Casey Donovan

  1. To say that the definition of “hot men” has changed a lot over the years seems to be an understatement. The change in women has been paltry in comparison. I mean…none of these men would ever qualify to be porn stars nowadays; some of them looked “sick” even before they really were (maybe they already were?).

  2. There is a famous porno figure. 10 inches, pale skin, blonde – I learned he never went out in the sun. He was 40’s something + and looked eight to ten years younger.

    In the 1990’s he was still tending bar in a great little place in San Francisco.

    I was entered the bar. The only customer.
    Noon – early in the day to cool off on a hot day walking the Castro.

    I just chatted with him casually for an hour.. It took me 15 to 2o minutes to figure out … ‘WHY DO I KNOW THIS MAN?’ to ‘OH MY GOD – IT’S HIM! THE PORNO MAN OF MY DREAMS FROM THE 70’s onwards! WOW!.’

    As a canadian – I didn’t freak out, just
    avoided the obvious, enjoy the moment of anonimity and perhaps at the end – shake hands with it’s a pleasure to have you serve me at a bar, you’re so natural and easy going. (He bought me the first beer!)

    When I figured his role in my youth and fantasies, and saw him in tight pants still large and sprouting a soft one larger then 99% of most men’s hard ones’ – I was a excited and shocked – happy shocked.

    I said, ‘It’s an honor, honestly.
    THanks for years of really great ‘inspiration’. But my palms never got hairy! After all that practice I proved
    them wrong, thanks you to you!’

    He laughed and said, ‘Your a fan? Good memory and glad I fueled your fun times, thank you for telling me.!’

    All the best,

    Love the vintage photos.

  3. Dr., I do wonder how old you are. I grew up with these porn stars….and, yes, they were STARS. They opened my eyes, my senses, my mind. They didn’t look ‘sick’ then, they don’t look sick now.
    These days, it’s cookie cutter time for the most part, it seems.

  4. I became legally allowed to watch porn only in 1998. LOL. By that time, the change was complete. But it is indeed funny how one group finds what I find attractive as all looking the same when I similarly couldn’t tell the ones to me that look unattractive apart cuz they all really look “sick”, except for the rare one who don’t have a beard. Anyway, I think it all just boils down to how tastes have evolved, which was my point.

  5. Random fact: the winner of the second season of Australian Idol was also named Casey Donovan. Initially, the channel showing Australian Idol accidently put up the link to porn star Casey Donovan’s website instead of the proper website

  6. I cannot count the number of times I have whacked off to this movie. Or the number of times that I fantasized about being Casey Donovan in that final scene. Al Parker was smoking hot, and hung like a horse.

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