Flashback Friday: Tony Nero

There were a handful of retro magazine spreads that I was choosing from for today’s Flashback Friday post. Ultimately, Tony Nero won me over with his gigantic cock. Just look at that thing! Now, stop looking at it for a moment and imagine it stretching your jaw as he pulls your ears deep into his luscious, dark bush.

Seriously, it’s like a forest down there, and we fucking love it. Shaved and trimmed pubes work for some guys, but we’re so glad the 1980s allowed Tony to proudly rock his fur. He’s looking damn good in this 1983 spread for Honcho. And he looks even better with a beard, as seen in his 1987 spread for Mandate. Gather around if you’re a fan of hirsute men! This one’s a treat.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Usher / Honcho

To check out more pictures of Tony Nero, follow the JUMP:

Click for larger view.

Another spread from the February 1987 issue of Mandate:

(via Retro Men Plus)

200 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Tony Nero

  1. I like him with or without the beard. Either way I won’t really care by the time he bends me over and fucks me til I black out.

  2. oooooh, Why can’t I ever find a dude with a big dick to fuck me silly!!!! UGH! Cocks are so beautiful!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. I always thought this man was hot…and I do prefer him with the beard definitely!!!! But I prefer most of my men with beards, body hair and the like….so I’m definitely partial…the equipment doesn’t hurt either  — it might actually…;-).

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