Flashback Friday: Mike Davis

This is going to sound weird, but doesn’t Mike Davis look a bit like Conner Habib below the waist? While their physiques may not be absolutely identical, they have very similar chest-hair patterns. I’ve sat here for the past ten minutes comparing pictures of Mike with pictures of Conner getting fucked. You might as well just entertain the notion and pretend I’m right.

As it goes, Mike did a few flicks for COLT in the late ’70s and early ’80s, yet sadly passed away in 1986 due to AIDS complications. The heartwarming part of this story is that his dear friend (and fuck buddy) Al Parker sold his porn studio—where Mike worked as a carpenter designing sets—and took care of him throughout his final days.

Geez, this post got depressing kind of fast, eh? If you can push all this stuff out of your mind, you might enjoy the oncoming video of Mike having a threesome by a fireplace…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To check out more pics of Mike Davis, follow the JUMP:

17 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Mike Davis

  1. WOW.. This was a welcum flash to the past. A time when 8mm, beta, and then vhs vids. The guys then were hairy, handsome and gallons of testosterone. It was a great time for gay porn. Thanks for the visit.

  2. oh thank you, thank you. Oh how these photos brought back some happy priapic memories. What beautiful men they were.

  3. I always loved Mike Davis. His sets with Al Parker are the best! They should have been lovers! Perfect pairing!

  4. Wow!  He isn’t 19-years-old!  He isn’t waxed or manscaped (even down there)!  He’s smoking cigarettes!  How 2010’s gay politically incorrect!  Oh, the times when men were men.

  5. Pretty hot indeed.  It’s funny to listen to the cheesy music on these older videos.  Not sure which is worse- the bad music from back then or the really bad dialogue today “Oh, fuck me hard…”

  6. I don’t know, but in that retro pic number 11 where he’s wedged between those two hot cowboys, I don’t think I’ve seen a hotter image or a happier man. Lucky cunt!

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