Flashback Friday: Mike Dasher

Mike Dasher is a fuzzy, Australian sex beast who did a few films for COLT around 2005 or so. While I realize seven years doesn’t make for much of a “flashback“, I felt the need to push the retro stuff aside and focus on an attractive person who did gay porn a few times and then disappeared forever. Is that okay? Good.

My favorite part about Mike is the small streak of gray hair above his forehead. I’d say it’s nice to see imperfections like that in the pristine world of gay porn, but I’d hardly even consider that an imperfection. It adds a touch of uniqueness, making him exponentially hotter.

Not that he needed help. Between his broad torso and round ass, Mike was the complete package! Oh, and let’s not forget the way his dick bounced when he rode Carlo Masi in Muscle Up!, a flick I may or may not have masturbated to on Tuesday evening… That was pretty nice too.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

Click through to see more of Mike Dasher:

With Carlo Masi in COLT‘s Muscle Up!

Fall in love (again) with Mike at COLT.

244 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Mike Dasher

  1. Where can I find a top to fuck me like that?  Most of the tops I’ve known have no clue how to really fuck like Carlo fucked Mike.  Damn that looked like fun.

  2. Way fucking hot. Did Mike retire from the biz or did he die? Please tell me he retired. What a stud.

  3. ah yess!! i remember jacking off to this scene years ago! thanks again for bring it back to me!

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