Flashback Friday: Kevin Slee

The pornstache! The terrible mullet! And the brightly covered speedos! Everything about Kevin Slee screams Flashback Friday, in the best (or worst) way possible. Though we’re not quite sure when this photo shoot was originally published, it’s safe to say that it’s from a different era…

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Kevin floating around on the internet. Our extensive research (read: a few tries on Google) told us that he once appeared in a straight porno called Stairway To Heaven, alongside a female star by the name of Billie Slee. Was this his wife? His girlfriend? It’s impossible to say. But we’re going to pretend he likes dudes for a few minutes.

– Dewitt

Photos via: Furboi’s Hot Men

To check out more pictures of Kevin Slee, follow the JUMP:

13 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Kevin Slee

  1. woof  what happened to these scruffy lookin real men?  now its all manicures and manscaping to even out the hair (at least the body hgair is coming back)  but dayum hes a hottie

  2. now that’s a man worth writing all ur checks to……… anyone looking like this in 2011 please get in touch with me…… 😉

  3. He looks like the straight neighbor worth seducing while the wife’s at work!  Wouldn’t mind climbing on top of that thick cock for a ride up on the rooftop.  🙂

  4. wow i used to jack off  to this guy way back in the day when i used to buy magazines to j/o .
    wow what a mind fuck for me to see & remember this guy from 20 years ago…

  5. ya no hay hombres asi como el de ricos … ni modo .. tengo 14 me gustan los hombres machos como el 🙂

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