File This Under “Men Whose Dicks I’d Ride”.

He’s a 38 year-old versatile top from Barcelona who stands at 5’8″ with an athletic build, and while I have literally no idea what his penis looks like, I’d (probably) consider putting it up my butt. His smile’s pretty damn magnetic, and the sight of his body makes me weak in the knees. Also, I get the impression that he’s a charming guy, despite the lack of text in his Manhunt profile.

Which reminds me, I’m getting ahead of myself! You can find this handsome fellow on Manhunt under the name 4_what, and I’m just going to confess right now that I’ve referenced this Vine at least nine times since beginning to write this post… But who cares about my stupid words and thoughts? You’re just here for the pretty pictures, so scroll on down to take a peek!

– Dewitt

Check out additional pictures of Manhunt member 4_what below:





4_what 5

Head over here to view his full profile or send him a message.



8 thoughts on “File This Under “Men Whose Dicks I’d Ride”.

  1. 5’8”? All good things come in small packages (not referring to the nether regions though)! He has dark, dreamy eyes… *sigh*

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