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This week’s Facebook Fan of the Week is garpas, a 24-year-old hottie from Lithuania. Some of his likes are cats, piercings, photography and video production. He loves kissing and prefers his men to have dark features. If you want to know more about garpas, read our interview with him. Oh, did I mention he can do a trick with his mouth?

How do you become Fan of the Week? It’s simple–just “LikeManhunt on Facebook. Who knows, you could be featured next!

– Andy

To read our interview with garpas, follow the JUMP:

Are you looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now?

Well, most people say you have fun with Mr. Right Now until you find Mr Right. So until my Mr. Right appears…

What’s the best way for a man to get your attention on Manhunt?

He must be intelligent and have similar interests to me. I prefer black or latin with a stunning body and sparkling eyes.

Do you have a secret trick in the bedroom? Care to share it?

I’ll flash my evil eyes for starters. I love to use one particular trick with my mouth.. for the right guy.  Trust me, he’ll be in heaven when I do the trick. Applications currently being accepted.


Tell us your ultimate fantasy

Well, let’s say I wouldn’t mind being in a tight situation with Rafael Alencar (porn star) or Colin Farell… The details are private.

What’s the funniest message you’ve ever received on Manhunt?

Oh, it was this one guy saying he wanted his walls carpeted with my face.. lol. At least he gets points for originality and the funniest message.

11 thoughts on “Fan of the Week: Garpas

  1. I LOVE you website. It shows everyday, run of the mill guys. It is nice to see regular men instead of male models that have been air brushed to death. LOL…I also would love to win a membership to your site, because living on disability makes it hard to pay for these things. I am not stating this for to make anyone feel sorry for me either. I am not in a wheel chair or anything, just an average guy that loves looking at beautiful and even other average guys. It would also be nice since I am single and need to find a way to meet men. Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. Scott White

  2. I would like to submit my pic, but I can’t “like” Manhunt on my Facebook Page. I am not out and liking MH would raise too many questions with my more than 500 friends. Is there any other way to get on? Could any of you guys take my picture…Add it to your FB and submit me? I really think gay and bisex guys would love me. I’m str8, but I really enjoy snuggling, kissing, spending alone time with my other str8 friends. My email is

  3. @ HngBlkBtm

    “I’m str8, but I really enjoy snuggling, kissing, spending alone time with my other str8 friends”

    Doesnt that plus the fact that read this blog and go on manhunt make you gay? Or is it okay because you SAY your straight?
    You may not be gay but im pretty sure many will agree your not straight!

  4. @HngBlkBtm: You could send a pic in for the “Top or Bottom” contest. You don’t have to be out for that. Course, you wouldn’t want to let people know it was you since you say you are a bottom in your name… Just a thought!

  5. I can’t find the top / btm site. I am really versitile, masculine, muscular with 9.5.

  6. Hey Todd. Thank you for the information. I submitted pics from my portfolio to Manhunt. I hope they pick me. Don’t get confused by my userid! *lol*

  7. ^Dude, if you want people to still know you’re straight. All you gotta do is put “no Homo” after your name, and pretty much everything you say. Its really easy. You meet someone on MH and you say “Hi, Im HungBlkBtm….No Homo”

    See? Instant negation. Then instantly people will know that you’re some kind of fucked up living contradiction without you having to explain it to them with multiple lengthy posts. O and get the word around to all your “straight” friends who like to spend alone time and (what was that word you used? O yeah) snuggle with you. Im sure they have plenty of reasons to lie to themselves as well.

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