Falcon: Trenton Ducati And Ryan Rose Find Their Newest Member In “Urban Spokes”

Goddam, did Falcon Studios end Urban Spokes on a high note. Or a HARD note. Trenton Ducati and Ryan Rose are trying to find the newest member of their cyclist club. This is the oddest initiation I’ve ever seen for a bicycle club. I haven’t rode a bike that’s not of the stationary variety in almost a decade but this scene might make me squeeze into my cycling shorts again. CYCLING’S HOT. Potential members Connor Patricks, Rod Peterson, and the shapely ass-ed Griffin Barrows eschew the spandex this go-round for tighty-whities and fuck, I think I’ve got a Fruit of the Look fetish now!

So the dude who performs the best gets in. The competition is stiff. (I know, you saw that coming. Or cumming. Ok, I’ll stop.)

And the winner HAS to be able to survive a fuck from Ryan Rose. He’s Porn Superman, so you better hope your butthole’s made of kryptonite.

It’s on now!

This MIGHT replace the Colby Keller/Wesley Woods scene as best of the week. It’s probably not fair to take the crown away from them, though. Can they share it? Watch more of Urban Spokes over at Falcon Studios!

Michael Xavier

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