Extra Credit

Nick Ford teaches philosophy at the local community college. Towards the end of the lecture, Alex Montenegro often instigates shenanigans that distract his classmates. On top of that, Alex’s class performance has been sub-par recently and the Prof needs to speak to him about it after class.

Alex knows he isn’t doing well but tells his teacher about some extenuating circumstances and the professor gives him one last chance to make up his grade.

Alex knows he won’t be able to study for the final and asks if there’s anything else he can do? Perhaps an “oral presentation” of sorts! Professor Ford isn’t easily convinced, but he is an understanding man and Alex is very persuasive.

Alex makes sure to do his best oral work and gives Professor Ford’s cut cock 110% of his effort. Alex is motivated to do everything he’s asked, and he’s sure to pass the test and lock in his extra credit!


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