Everything Butt: Ricky Parks


Have you heard? Ricky Martin has officially come out of the closet! Even with this exciting news floating about, I can't stop thinking about another man named Ricky. This particular Ricky is willing to pose in nothing but a pair of work boots, as he sticks his bare ass out for the world to see. When Ricky Martin releases a similar photo shoot, then he'll come back to my fantasies…

But let's focus on Ricky Parks for a moment. Though he may not be as pretty in the face as the "Livin' La Vida Loca" pop star, he's got a set of muscular cheeks that could crack a nutshell. It's a shame that he's never been on the receiving end in any of his scenes. Why do total tops always have the hottest asses?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To check out Ricky's sweet ass, follow the JUMP:






And the obligatory shots of the front…



10 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Ricky Parks

  1. Ha ha, I must be in love, because even this slab of perfection doesn’t look as tempting to me as my guy.
    Otherwise, though, I would be all over this guy.

  2. Yup, he certainly loves showing off that ass almost as much as I do mine (and I’m no slouch in the ass department either)

  3. LOL furfiend If your guy looks more tempting this hunking slab of beef than U must be madly N love and best of luck 2 U !!! David I would love 2 FUCK Ricky(delicious looking ) bubble ass so David if your ass looks anywhere as ( delicious ) good as Ricky does than U can just imagine what I love 2 do 2 U as well LOL !!!

  4. Fantastic derriere. Rick Martin’s face is sexy, masculine, handsome, but Ricky Parks’s face is Handsome, Masculine, Sexy, and one I that would definitely make me smile to see in the morning.

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