Everything Butt: Kurt Madison

According to Randy Blue, the first thing we’re supposed to notice about Kurt Madison are his “sexy green eyes”. This might have been true if he weren’t stark naked and waving his ginormous schlong in our faces. Yes, this guy is ridiculously hung, and we get the impression that he’ll be fucking a lot of “virgin” holes on the site.

Of course, we’ll be slightly disappointed if that’s all he’s doing! You see, Kurt is both a gymnast and a dancer (flexibility!), and the way he pops his booty makes our dicks throb uncontrollably. While it’d be a crime if he hasn’t filmed a hardcore scene as a top, it’ll be just as bad if he never winds up on the receiving end…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To check out Kurt Madison’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

The obligatory shots of the front:

482 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Kurt Madison

  1. I saw him on RB last week when he first appeared and fell in love haha…… Love the natural look of this boy and that cock is beautiful. Can’t wait to see more of him!

  2. agreed. he is hot… but his butt is the least attractive part of him and i’m an ass man.

  3. Well … he’s cute and all … but, my goodness, he has chosen to allow his flame burn very brightly. Flame on, sister.

  4. yes, this boy is cute, has a large cock, but I get the feeling his ass isn’t “fresh”…EEWW! 🙁

  5. “get the feeling his ass isn’t fresh” what the fuck ? this dude is smokin’ hot.

  6. He’s beautiful. Great eyes, the facial hair is sexy, has the right amount of body hair, and a great body. He’s toned but not too built. Fantastic.

  7. I have never commented before but I had to for this. Hottest guy that has ever been on here. The things I would do to that ass…

  8. he might not be butch but he doesn’t come across as a queen by any means …. does it really have to be one extreme or the other?

  9. He is so fricking adorable. It would be a shame to see that cock or ass not get used in any video that he’s in. I guess one might say that he is super fuckable (from either side).

  10. So? hes hot but who wants to fuck a dumpster… oh yeah this is manhunt, leave any class/morals at the door.

  11. He doesn’t come across as a queen?? Yeah, really, he does. Just like the queens in Atlanta….once they open their mouths it’s all over. Next.

  12. He is physically beautiful…. his face is amazing, but having watched his video, there’s something strangely unsexy about it…

  13. Kurt Madison is the kind of gay gay anyone is always ready to give him something,’cause his eyes ask usand we of course,surrender with them.Kurt I love you my juicy guy-how handsome you are!

  14. I have never seen a guy so charming as Kurt Madison!Besides beeing so sexy he has got a very nice tool!How cute and delicious he is!I am stark on you guy!It is worth belonging to you no matter how or where,all that matters is being with you.

  15. they all claim to be “straight” on sites like Randy Blue, Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, etc… it apparently adds to the “appeal” (whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean)… but, c’mon guys a dancer with a lisp? she’s a HUGE princess! LOL

  16. two questions what does the Latin Tatoo say and mean on his right side and the Scar(burn) high above his left nipple

  17. I would love to bury my face in Kurt’s ass lick suck lick suck it then work my way south to suck on his toes lick his feet and massage his feet. Make my way north just licking both legs and stopping at those beautiful balls just to lick and suck on. Turning my attention to his shaft of hi dick lick it suck it swallow his cum. I love armpits to smell and lick on I also want him to fuck my virgin ass.

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