Everything Butt: Hunter

It’s not every day that I’d call a guy’s butthole beautiful. As much as I love burying my tongue up my partner’s eager hole, that doesn’t always mean it’s an aesthetically pleasing area! With that said, the butthole you’re about to witness is nothing short of a work of art.

Say hello to Hunter. Even if you’ve never given a single rimjob in your life, you’ll soon feel an urge to make out with his pink little pucker. This bisexual hunk shoved a total of three fingers up his ass while filming a scene for Southern Strokes, and we’re dying to know what else he can fit up there…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Southern Strokes

To check out Hunter’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

And the obligatory shots of the front:

87 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Hunter

  1. Good looking as he is did he have to do all that on such a great piece of furniture – that cannot be good for that card table surface

  2. Well, I think he’s hot – but then I do luvs me some smooth, toned guys with great butts! And he does have quite the yummy hole, doesn’t he?

  3. You focus on the butt, but he’s nice all over … I’d do him, be done by him, and probably let him talk me into being done by his friend.

  4. !!! Holy crap! A friend congratulated me for being on manhunt daily, I was like, I’m not on manhunt every day! Then he pointed out the blog. I’m so flattered! This is effin awesome!!

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