Everything Butt: Eddie


Don't let that goofy smile fool you. Eddie may look like your average boy next door, but he's actually your average boy next door with an astounding booty. Trust me! When you see the way this thing juts out, you won't believe it's attached to such a small guy.

We had actually planned on featuring someone else for this week's Everything Butt feature, but we changed our minds quickly after getting a glimpse of this college boy's luscious cheeks. Fuck it? Lick it? Spank it? We don't even know where to begin with this one!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Frat Men

To check out Eddie's hot ass, follow the JUMP:





Picture 83



Picture 85

And the obligatory shots of the front…



14 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Eddie

  1. This lad is totally delicious, edible from every angle. What a truly gorgeous ass and u/c cock! YUM YUM WOOF WOOF

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