Everything Butt: Brett Stevens

How do I even begin to describe Brett Stevens‘ ass? Round, muscular and smooth are the first words that come to mind. Well, that’s a lie. The first words that actually came to mind were lickable, spankable, fuckable and “nom nom”. But since those words aren’t technically in the dictionary, I figured we’d settle on that other description.

According to site owner Drake Rock, this guy’s also got an incredibly tight hole. He’s only been fucked once in the past, and you can tell he doesn’t have an easy time taking on a small dildo. Do you think he just needs someone to help him practice? Because I’d definitely be willing to volunteer.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Drake Rock

To check out Brett’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

The obligatory shot of the front:

And how about some gratuitous cumshot action?

12 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Brett Stevens

  1. beautiful – just beautiful. great smile, nice smooth chest and ass, great abs, perfect body … night smooth tight hole … would love to take a bottle of lube and work my way in that hole

  2. hi.. i don’t usually post anything here.. and my english is not very good.. but you said “practive”… wasn’t “practice” the word you were looking??..

    i’m sorry if i’m wrong.. i just wanted to say that..

    keep up the good work.. i love this blog!

  3. Oh geez. You don’t usually post, but you post to correct? I mean, I saw that, but then looking at the hot guy made me realize how such a mistake could be made! Dude! HOT GUY ALERT!!
    I likey! Muy likey!!!

  4. fuck*a*ble – adjective – IS actually now in the dictionary – as a derivative of fuck.

    PS I don’t understand the value of a close-up of someone’s asshole. At all.

  5. lol toddM… i don’t usually post because sometimes i don’t have anything funny or topic-related to say.. like in “Caption This:” section.. i don’t know how to use “american humour”.. so i don’t post anything..

    as sad as this sounds.. i’m a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and stuff.. that’s why i corrected…

    but yeah!!.. he’s so hot!.. i liked him very much!

  6. Phoenix25 had U not spotted the typo I doubt if anyone else would have ( had 2 go back re-read ). LOL Colin spoken like a TRUE bottom and BTW Rad I would wax’s Brett waxed ASS ANYTIME, ANYDAY ,& ANYWHERE !!!

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