Everything Butt: Anthony Romero

It’s criminal that we’ve never devoted an entire post to the glorious mounds you see above, commonly referred to as Anthony Romero‘s ass. You may know Anthony as that guy who’s dating Austin Wilde… Or maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t care that gay porn stars are real human beings with emotions and feelings, and all you want to ever do is watch them fuck. That’s cool too. We guess.

As it turns out, the only two things getting fucked in Anthony’s latest scene are a watermelon and a squash, though you can see him getting banged by Kevin Crows over here, Tyler Torro over here, Johnny Torque over here, Austin Wilde over here and… Well, you get the picture.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Male

To see more of Anthony Romero’s utterly remarkable ass, follow the JUMP:

The obligatory shots of the front. And a squash.

Oh, and here’s a free video preview!

See the full scene NOW at Next Door Male!

13 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Anthony Romero

  1. I love Anthony, def think he is so good looking and very overlooked and not to mention that he and Austin Wilde make one hot hot real life couple. And if you want to read some shocking yet hilarious comments his twitter page comments are something else.
    He kinda says what a lot of people think but would not print lol.

  2. Amazing! Today I fulfilled my dream of fucking a watermelon.. and tonight I see it done. Wish I had his bum.. but I will try the triangle cut next time.. and that marrow!


  3. I just laughed at him using the butternut squash as a fleshjack.    I work as a chef and butternut squash are sooo acidic.    One time I cut one up without gloves and the acid just ate the skin off my hands.    I can’t imagine what it did to his dick.  LOL

  4. that’s weird. i eat butternut squash all the time. never had that problem or anything remotely similar.

  5. I refuse to support anything from Next Door or Falcon until Cody Cummings is fired.  Sorry, Austin and Anthony but if I support Austin’s site or Anthony’s scenes on Buddies/Male then Cody still gets a share of that money.  That is unacceptable to me.   7 Years of being a raging douchebag and a barely concealed homophobe is enough.  At the bare minimum, if you can’t kiss a man or suck a dick then get the hell out of gay porn.  When Cummings and Torro are fired then I’ll reevaluate but not until.

    PS.  Sombody tell Huntsman to start kissing and sucking or he’s gonna come of looking just like those other douchebags.

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