Everyone Wants To Get Fucked By This Spanish Daddy Top.

Yesterday, we posted a batch of really hot guys from this week’s Manhunt Now newsletter on our Facebook page. One of the most popular pics was the one above, featuring 45 year-old Manhunt member “diskolo“… And, well, are we really that surprised? That handsome face, paired with a dash of salt and pepper, had me ready to get down on my knees and service him to completion.

Lucky for us? He’s a total top who stands at 6’2” with an athletic build and a deliciously hairy chest. The bad news, of course, is that he’s all the way over in Spain, so unless someone wants to buy me a plane ticket, I’ll have to give up on my dream of having him ravage me, owning my ass all night long ’til the morning comes.

– Dewitt

Take a look at the guy who everyone’s drooling over below:







Head over here to see more pics or send him a message.



21 thoughts on “Everyone Wants To Get Fucked By This Spanish Daddy Top.

  1. Judging from the comments below it’s no wonder the top ten is 10 variations of the same himbo. But no worries. That just means more euros who can actually fuck for me.

  2. Amazing how many men are not acceptable to the masses or so you’d think. I gladly thank those arbiters of acceptable men – from the bottom of my heart – that you harp
    on the ‘flaws’ of men they’d never meet and leave the bounty for the rest of us. I’d love to entertain this DILF and he might actually be the Mister Right for one of us realists that prefer reality to ‘pretend standards’ that never are enforced nor abided by the bitchy ones dictating ‘tastes for the masses’. Geez, Mary – lighten up, he’s in Spain &
    the likelihood of your being presented with his gifts are remote, by far.

  3. He’s handsome…and I actually like his look in the photo with the cigarette. As for the smoke taste – it’s called a mint…get over it!

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