Eminem is Not Obsessed With Mariah… Just Pissed Off at Her

I'm sure by now you've all heard Mariah Carey's latest flop single, "Obsessed" (ok, maybe it's not that bad). Supposedly, it's Mimi's diss track for Eminem. Well mister Slim Shady has responded to the diss track by recording one of his own titled "The Warning". Apparently Eminem boned Mimi once and has pictures to prove it which he should release because I want to see Mimi un-retouched. Anyways listen to the track and be warned, he drops the N word and the F word.

– Andy

5 thoughts on “Eminem is Not Obsessed With Mariah… Just Pissed Off at Her

  1. Whoa… That song is pretty hardcore.
    I think this is all going way to far if you ask me. I mean what’s done is done. Relationship over! Next!
    I think, more than anything though, this song confirms that Eminem IS somewhat obsessed with Mariah. He seems lovelorn and desperate. And that whole bit about him prematurely ejaculating is so so sad. That he would even put this in a song is pretty I-N-S-A-N-E.
    But I still like the beat and think that EM is actually a pretty good MC. I also believe him and think that Mariah is trying desperately to keep this good-girl image going on.

  2. Eminem is a good rapper yes, but he really needs to get over himself.
    You say you boned Mariah, she says you didn’t and that sets you off on a 5+ year feud. Get real.
    If I had sex with someone and they denied it, it wouldn’t really matter. I’d know the truth.
    When did he drop the “N” word?

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