Elle Varner: “Refill”

There are so many things I enjoy about Elle Varner‘s “Refill”. For starters, the fiddle! That motherfuckin’ fiddle. It’s such a disorienting addition to an otherwise traditional R&B number, and it really manages to elevate the whole “drunk in love” vibe of the song.

On that note, I appreciate that this song isn’t actually about drinking in any way, shape or form. When Varner states that she “feels like the girl at the bar who’s been there too long”, it’s merely a metaphor for the intoxicating presence of her love interest. Sure, this concept isn’t exactly mind-blowing or revolutionary, but it does a great job of describing that initial rush of meeting someone.

I don’t know, guys! This song is cute. It speaks to me. Perhaps it’ll speak to you too?

– Dewitt

Click through to listen to “Refill”:

691 thoughts on “Elle Varner: “Refill”

  1. love elle varner and her mixtape conversational lush is dope!!!!!! so glad you posted this because its not some poppy club remix but a song with some substance with and creativity…Just when I had lost hope in hearing anything good musically on this blog you restore my hope Dewitt!!!!<3

  2. HA! You don’t know how much I love Elle Varner. “Go” has been in constant rotation in my cubicle, and she’s one of the few artists out right now that actually gets me excited about music.

  3. Music is great…

    On another note, Corbin Fisher’s facebook page noted that their model Sean passed away. I wouldn’t mind seeing a post to honor him here.

  4. Crazy. I normally disagree vehemently wit Dewitt when it comes to most of his postings regarding television and music but I love Elle Varner. Her Coversational Lush mix tape is phenomenal and since you can download it for free there is no excuse for you not having it. If I am having a shit day I just put it on and from the moment I hear WTF? I am flying high.

  5. I’m glad we can agree on this! In retrospect, I wish I had included a link to the mixtape in this post… Hopefully, anyone reading these comments is smart enough to Google it?

  6. Ha.  I would hope so, but you never can tell.  We also agree on the fact that stocky, hairy dudes are hotter than a too skinny twins.  So there is that.

  7. Ooh, I’m sure we’d get along just fine then! Let’s go “eiffel tower” a few stocky, hairy dudes whilst listening to Elle Varner on repeat.

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