Eggceptionally Sorry About That

I swear we weren’t trying to scam anybody.



Last week I posted an Easter Sale announcement with some egg puns and a gallery of Easter-y lookin naked dudes.  I didn’t realize until somebody pointed it out in the comments that over the weekend, some of the sites started directing to the non-sale price join pages, and it looked like we were tryina bait-and-switch on dick pics. That sucks, and I promise it was a technical problem and never the intent.

As a mea culpa, that discount pricing – 9.95 per month across the board – has been fixed and will be active for an additional week.  So if you wanted to sign up, and ended up at the expensive price instead, now’s your chance! If you’re not ready to commit totally, most of these still have the $1 sampler membership as well.

We’ll be featuring all of these sites this week, but you can check out this post for a full list of what’s on the cheep.


PLEASE NOTE: If you’ve previously viewed pages with full price rates, they may be cached in your browser and prevent updated pricing from displaying. Try an incognito window, another browser, or clearing your cache. 


– tyler

2 thoughts on “Eggceptionally Sorry About That

  1. I’m not that good. It wasn’t really my mistake. I just didn’t want anyone to miss out if they wanted this deal and felt like they got jipped. It is pretty cheap for all the stuff you get.

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