Drawn To You: Roger Payne

Some folks aren’t too fond of the older-younger dynamic. When a college stud hops in bed with a mature gentleman, the word “creepy” often gets thrown around. People may accuse the younger party of ulterior motives, or say things like, “He’s old enough to be your father.”

My thoughts? Age ain’t nothing but a number (as long as he’s legal). I’ve always been attracted to men with a little experience. Hell, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been turned down with the line, “You’re young enough to be my son.” How frustrating is that? It’s not like I can age a few years and then head over to the guy’s place.

As usual, I’m getting a little off topic… These thoughts flowed into my mind after taking a look at Roger Payne‘s artwork. He has a tendency of pairing hairy daddy types with smooth jocks, and I’m popping a ridiculous boner after looking at his drawings. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but be sure to check it out if you’re into this sort of thing!

– Dewitt

To see more of this artist’s work, follow the JUMP:

23 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Roger Payne

  1. I totally agree with the text piece, these drawings are really hot, a real fantasy, and more than just one time I have had a bonner picturing myself having sex with a gentleman that I have seen passing on the street.
    If only all of them would have those bodies and “tools”, probably there would be no bad comments about those situations.

  2. the 8th one down where the construction worker is getting sucked off is so hot. that veiny foreskin!

    the 16th one down is hot as well. the one where the guy is getting his hairy hole eaten.

    also dewitt can you start numbering the pictures in the posts, makes it alot easier when referencing them. thanks man

  3. oh fuck off… what youre talking about works either in two ways.

    you either have a young gold digger whore type guy who is financially using an old guy

    or else you have a vulnerable insecure young guy who is looking for a substitute father who gets preyed upon by old letch paedophile types.

    young guys who find old guys attractive do so either because they like their money and the lifestyle and have no self worth to think they should perhaps earn their own money, or because they are so insecure they need to be with someone that they know for a fact is much less attractive than them to provide security.

    it is a bad bad thing. and it is totally NOT hot for a spectator either

  4. Dewitt, is there a jump to a website with his other works?

    What you didn’t tell us was that the pictures are from a French comic book published by H&O. The pictures are really hot, making me want to see the rest of the book.

  5. These drawings are great. I found them to be very realistic; so much so that I was actually aroused by some of them. The younger guy/older guy thing has always been a big topic of discussion in our community. I, as an older man, appreciate when a younger gay man is respectful of me. I would hope that all of us could do that no matter the person’s age. I’m not going to go after a younger man because I’m dedicated to my partner but I certainly like to look (and so does he). I would hope that younger guys realize that we appreciate their beauty & we’re not all trying to get in their pants (unless they want us too).

  6. they are all pretty good….i like the fact that age does not really matter….there are teenboys, middleage fathers, and even grand dads involved….i esp enjoy the ones where they are peeping on each other and catching them “in the act” — as a voyeur, it turns me on the most

  7. S R,

    I’m a young guy, 24, who finds older men attractive. I do not need them financially as I am a working lawyer nor do I have problems where I feel insecure with myself that I need an older “less attractive” to provide me with security. simply put, I’m turned on sexually by hot older men.

    Just FYI.

  8. Roger Payne has always been my favorite erotic artist — the only art stills I can cum to – one sketch is worth a million erotic words of fiction.

    As for the young/old thing, when I was younger the hottest sex I ever had was with guys 10-20 years older than me, they knew what the hell they were doing.
    Now I get to be one of those guys whose teaching other college-age hotties the joys of sex with an experienced guy — they never regret OR forget it…

  9. I’m a 27 year old professional who doesn’t need anyone’s money and I don’t have an attraction to anyone ugly, young or old.. Like the guy above I just love HOT older guys

  10. Thanks for these thrilling drawings!  I appreciate so much the exclusive concentration on blowjobs.  Your artwork brings to life the joy of giving (and receiving) blowjobs.

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