Drawn To You: Nerone Prandi

It’s unclear how nobody has ever notified me of Nerone Prandi‘s “Fast Drip” project. Since December 2010, the Brazilian artist has been posting a series of illustrations inspired by gay pornography. They range from kinky to relatively tame, featuring everything from fisting to just plain male nudes.

Quite honestly, some of these images are (potentially) hotter than their original source material. We don’t have a two-dimensional fetish or anything, but Prandi has a tendency to capture the best moments and depict them in a spontaneous, seemingly effortless style. We can’t get enough!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Nerone Prandi

To check out more of this artist’s work, follow the JUMP:

Chronological, from earliest to latest:

9 thoughts on “Drawn To You: Nerone Prandi

  1.  Very hot! I love gay art that actually depicts realistic-looking guys.  Tom of Finland has his place, but I get so tired of all the copycats. 

  2.  Quote “some of these images are (potentially) hotter than their original source”. Then the original images must have been absolute trash.

  3. best when guys have a vision and follow their bliss – it’s just a great series of drawings and a really fun insight video into a hot couple making out! BEAUTIFUL. Keep on keeping on.

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